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Have you ever put butter on a pop tart?


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6 hours ago, recstar24 said:

This is some weird innuendo shit...

^ Well then, now we're all curious about what you've buttered Ryan?

2 hours ago, spritzer said:

Saltless smjör??!!  You savages!!  ;)

That is one Icelandic word that makes perfect sense. 

Waitress: "Is that enough?" Customer: Hell no! Smjör!

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I feel like you have to be in a certain kind of mood to eat red vines or twizzlers so I don't have them very often. Then again one of my favorite candies is almond joys which I get a lot of shit about. 

Can't stop laughing at this: https://www.foodbeast.com/news/why-twizzlers-are-and-always-will-be-better-than-red-vines/

Every time I post eggs I inevitably get a cool hand luke reference so I decided to change it up from quantity to... something else. Eggs fried in 2 tbsp butter with thyme, ground pepper, and sea salt with cherry pop tart crumble. Don't worry I'll still have 8 more eggs but they'll be plain


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1 hour ago, Dusty Chalk said:

Wait, we're discussion actual Poptarts now?  I thought this was all innuendo.  Butter for lube, poptarts for ... is nymphs a unisexual term for someone brazenly sexual or brazen about their sexuality?

Nymphs are nature spirits that can be rather annoying in the game nethack.

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