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The new Explorer 2010 model is so sexy.

Only thing that annoys me is Rolex going with the trend of bigger watch faces (39 mm)


did you buy that? pretty swank. i really quite want the rolex milgauss.

Ewww, lightning bolt second hand is fail/gimmick IMO

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that's not why you buy the thing.

Do you work around strong magnetic fields? This isn't intended to be a smart ass comment, I'm really curious. IMO most Rolex users aren't buying them for their "intended" use ie Seadwellers on divers, chrono watches for racing enthusiasts, etc.

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Okay I need to recruit you aficionados to recommend me some watches that I can recommend to a friend. She is looking for a sporty but suit-worthy watch for her boyfriend. I am trying to come up a with a list of must sees in the $15k price range she is looking to pay. She does not like my Big Bang All Black so Hublot is out.

Any Recs?

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