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What are you EATING right now?


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Last night, but:


Caesars Salad




Black truffle sachetti in a Parmesan cream and porcini mushroom sauce




I didn't take a picture to rub it in, but I had Iron Springs fish and chips. Jack says hi Steve.

This is like reading a Playboy magazine that doesn't have naked pictures of women. [emoji848]
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I think that was posted mostly for my benefit. I absolutely love fish and chips, and Iron Springs Cafe had it every Monday night. They'd use different fish, but it was always delicious. Jack the contractor usually had a large group each week, and it became a good part of my routine.

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I experienced the same thing in mainland China awhile back. On the first day some guy was way, way up in my space on the train/public transport so I gave him a small shove and stared him down like a massive douche. After a couple days of more close encounters I realized they don't really have the same sense of personal space.

To add to the thread, I went to Thomas Sweet in Georgetown 



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Went out for Chinese food with the Boston members of my family. My aunt Ju's mother was also visiting from Malaysia, and ordered everything, which was entertaining. Missing a few things, but it was all scrumptious. 





Definitely beat lunch, which was an airport salad. 



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4 hours ago, aardvark baguette said:

baked beans from a bbq place up in mt. airy.  had them this weekend up there at my niece's birthday.  put in a specific request to my dad to pick some up next time he was up there. oh my god. im going to have to move.

Mt Airy Md or NC?

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