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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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22 minutes ago, Voltron said:

The cocktail table looks beautiful, Jeff! 

Thanks Al. It is a pretty clunky design as designing angular furniture is not my forte, but it will hold a drink without dumping it in my lap, so I consider it a win. 

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I originally pictured this stand with Maple legs. Then we discovered the White Oak, which is either leftover from the floating bench I built for Mizen, or the recent railing I built for Mizen. I got a screaming deal on the Mahogany as Al stated, and new it was going to make a beautiful table or stand. I really love this combination, and time will deepen the Mahogany similarly to Cherry. Love the "chunkiness" made elegant by the tapered legs. 

I had a lot of fun building this with Milo, and love that he gets to enjoy this piece, as he's always building for others.

Our next project for Claire is also going to be a fun build. Stay tuned.

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On 11/14/2022 at 4:06 PM, VPI said:

Soooo, ended up ignoring all of Steve’s advice and got the 10 gallon California Air Tools without the automatic drain valve.


Soooo, back tracking again. I bought the Aluminum Cali Tool from Amazon but did not notice the seller was one of those mini Amazons that sell everything from their own warehouses after several delays in shipping I finally got the delivery today, and it was a cheap patio heater. So that was refused and is going back and I went and got a 26 gallon quiet tech and an auto drain from Lowe’s. They even had it priced wrong with a sticker so I got it for $50 less than the going price. 

Now I am compliant with all of Steve’s recommendations. 


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Just now, VPI said:

^^^ Seems like a game changer

It is, no more time wasted for it waiting on me to change the tool.  No more zeroing on every tool change. Also using my work offsets now as well so no need to do corner finding. Just place the material and go. Next up is a vacuum table. 

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When I was at Al's Brother Tom's house for Thanksgiving yesterday, I came upon this log that was cut from a fallen tree. I realized that I  had about 20 minutes before dinner would be served and I happened to have a 1/4" chisel in my pocket that I forgot to put away, so...



It just happened to fit on this metal stand that they had.

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