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Soltanus Acoustics Euridiche electrostatic headphones


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Some folks aren't understanding the difference between something being publicly accessible but still not "a public space."

This is a MODERATED forum.  Over the years it has established itself to have a certain personality, for lack of a better term; and it is moderated to fit that personality.  Yes, it can be exclusionary, but only to people who argue excessively about the personality and try to change it.  Otherwise, we want it to be open.  When someone is banned, it's not us being cowards, it's reducing excess noise from someone who doesn't respect what this forum is about.

There are a good number of very technically-inclined and experienced people here.  They freely give advice to those who ask, some design their own equipment, and overall have earned the respect they get.  I have seen countless cases of people posting pictures and getting some great advice about what is good and bad about a design.

As a group, we DO listen to a lot of music.  There are dedicated threads for this, but there are also many threads for other things as well; we're quite an eclectic bunch.  When it comes to equipment, though, we're not going to ONLY judge based on sound.  As I mentioned before, sound is on par with build quality in this forum, and even if something sounds good but has potential build issues, it will get called out.  That is part of the personality of this forum.

I will read and respect someone's thought on sound, but will also read and respect good technical input, brash or not.  If something is built well and sounds good, it gets praised.  Otherwise, it's open season for criticism (based on sound or build).  Again....this is the personality of this forum.

Accept it, join and try to have fun.  Or leave.  But if you keep fighting it, you will be banned - to reduce the noise.

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1 hour ago, yikes, thats not pretty said:

300 monthly visitors? Why don't you make this a private forum, since you are already not doing your job as an admin? This website and "community" is disgusting, no wonder it's got the reputation it's got. This website is a joke.

You can't bully people and expect them to stay silent. Be rude, get fucked in return. Get used to that, because in real life I guarantee you wouldn't get far with this kind of behaviour ;)

Don't act as tough guys, boys. You are way past the age to be doing that.

This is what you do. You get your boys to be talking shit, and when they have someone return the same favor, you ban them. Cowardly, if you ask me.

If you don't like the personality of the forum, why the everloving fuck do you keep coming back?  Seriously, stop fucking whining.  We get it, you love the pile of hot garbage to the point you're willing to look like a paid spokesmodel.  You posted a diatribe on shill central, and pointed people here to it.  It was pointed out why it's hot garbage.  You said you don't understand the words that were used, but you love the beautiful beautiful music.  Cool.  Now you're just urinating in the oscillator.  If you wait out your time out, and have a reasonable conversation, then you're welcome to come back.  This isn't head-fi.  It's intentionally not head-fi.  It was created by people that were more than familiar with head-fi, and moved over here to get away from walls of mindless drivel over equipment that is hot garbage.

So piss off, take your time out, and come back if you want, or just fuck off. 

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On 4/30/2022 at 12:58 PM, voja said:

As far as I am concerned, you can do whatever you want with this post. All I ask for is that my previous post (which I stand behind) is not deleted.

Thanks for granting permission?  You think you have conditions to the suggestion that you should go elsewhere?  Your "if you are a man" bullshit is tiresome.  If you think we're interested in your 1,000+ word missives about what you think, what you won't stand behind, what you will, etc., etc., ad nauseum, you are mistaken.  No one asked you to join here or told we don't have a ToS because we don't need one. 

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On 4/30/2022 at 9:43 AM, voja said:

I can tolerate someone going at me for something I never mentioned or claimed to know about, but I will not tolerate someone putting words into my mouth. I will always stay transparent and honest, so I will never take anyone calling me a shill. Nobody can take away my honesty and my transparency. You do not know me, you do not know why I write, you do not know my approach, and you also do not know how personal it is — I don't plan explaining and making myself vulnerable to people like yourselves. However, knowing how sensitive the true reason is, and knowing why I started writing audio-related reviews in the first place, I will not accept being called a shill.


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11 hours ago, voja said:

I am still patiently waiting for someone to actually respond to the facts instead of throwing personal jabs at me... I think that that wait might never come.

Well, it's the other way round, as I see it: 

I am still NOT waiting for you to give a proper answers to any of the findings that @spritzer presented here.   

I gave up on waiting for you to say something sensible early in this thread. 

I cannot use the plural here, that is, mention what others are waiting for here. Since I have no idea.

As in, I am surprised that they still have this much patience with you.


I cannot see what "facts" you have mentioned in any of your posts, apart from praising the whatever devices in question for their sound quality. 

Regarding your quote from the manufacturer, I see that one as really revealing as well. Kind of reminded me of one another attempt of "rebuttal" several years ago. 
I am just sitting here and waiting for someone to dissect it properly, since I have read it.

It only did reaffirm the impressions I already got, from way before you have quoted it here. 

Just to remind about one small detail: 

The guy ( @spritzer ) presented hard facts, the way he sees them, and you in return called him "an asshole", for that. 
Which, to me, says a whole lot. 


10 hours ago, voja said:

It's more likely that the truth doesn't sit right with you and that you have to find something to try to insult someone everyone.


This. 🏆


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20 minutes ago, voja said:

Debating with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like it's won anyway.

Way to go, Kasparov... 

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Well that escalated quickly!


Still love the sound of mine though.  Hope the manufacturer takes the feedback with an open mind to address or refute the construction issues and improve what in my opinion has the potential to be a great product.


Now back to listening ....

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