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Compact cassette is back!(?)


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Indie bands have been releasing cassettes for a few years, but now a new cassette player has been released.

I was cleaning my place and stumbled on some old cassettes... taking some time to listen through all of them (especially since many of them are unlabeled/mislabeled) on my ancient Walkman.

Unfortunately, this new player doesn't measure or perform very well, but perhaps it will stir the big players into producing something better.




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I was excited to fire up my portable cassette player (not a treasured high-end relic) a few weeks ago, only to discover it doesn't work any more.

I doubt I can summon the wherewithal to get into cassettes again... my dad has several cassette decks, so I might bring my small bunch of cassettes (fewer than 15) back at some point and try to digitize them. It's not worth the effort, though, as most of the cassettes are purchased (Dolby B ) and the few I recorded came off AM radio and they were recorded badly.

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You can get superior quality and easier file handling for practically free with digital music. That's why I think the people evangelizing cassettes are nostalgic above everything.

Cassette decks take so much maintenance and the parts are getting hard to find... all for inferior performance and deteriorating quality. I get that cassette has that analog sound, but it was never that good at the budget level.

I thought were cassettes were fun as a kid, but that is because I didn't have my own stuff. I recorded stuff on a boom box or my mom's radio/cassette player. No hi-fi stuff.

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^ Agreed. The vinyl revival makes sense regarding sounds quality. Tapes are just inferior in every way. Nastalgia would be the only motivation. 

I'm old enough to remember the one thing that made tapes worthwhile other than portability, to make copies. That usefulness went away with burnable CDs. Fuck I'm old. That's my point. 

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