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Ric, how is your latest refit?

I've held off posting as I only listened on one rig for a couple hours before my brain, eyes, throat and ears decided to do that whole flu thing, however I'm cautiously optimistic. Will post once everything is working normally again. Will say they look nothing like the previous ones and not exactly like both ears come from the same human head, but...

Oh, and if anyone is in a similar bed-ridden situation, the French-German six hour miniseries Carlos is an excellent way to pass the time.

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Lying on the floor listening to DMB live in Chicago '98 on my iPhone and Jh16. So freaking amazing. I am starting to feel like there is indeed a fit issue as at home I dont hear anything but themusic but at school in my office I can hear the air from the ac vent in the ceiling over the music. Am scared to send them in for a refit after all the horror stories.

Also never received the cleaning tool that I ordered a few months ago. Sent a reminder email maybe 2 months ago. No reply.

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Just hit the tubes. Listing the string of bad luck...

JHAudio: JH3A update http://ow.ly/1s83Tw

To all our JH3A customers,


We want to personally apologize for the delay and spotty information flow to you all on the development of this amp.

Everyone knows the story of how JH Audio got to this point with this amp if not the short recap is as follows:


Phase One:

Jerry was approached by a designer that wanted to work with JH Audio. He listened to the product Jerry wanted to build and said it would be an easy DSP project. When he realized he was in over his head, he bailed on the project knowing that he had given us a firm delivery date and that we had promised our customers that date as well.

At this time we wanted to make sure that everyone that had ordered the amp that wanted a refund could get one.


Phase Two:

Instead of abandoning the project (which in retrospect probably would have been easier and kept the company's reputation clean), Jerry and Brittany reached out to a middle man in China that had the resources to finish the amp.

JH Audio was given a time line of 8 weeks to develop and a few more to deliver the project.


That was a long time ago and we do realize that you have all been waiting.


During the initial phase, this new middleman had a stroke and communication stopped for a while. He then communicated he was undergoing surgery to open an artery but the Amp was still moving forward.

His next email was that the design kit that the original designer had sent was not even close to the state of completion that he had originally told JH Audio and we had to start all over again. JH Audio then received one of the amps to test and the low bass control was not correct (this was the ninth board revision).

We are now on revision eleven. The last amp that we received 2 weeks ago was a go until we had a problem that the mcu was not flash based and could not receive updates after the amp was programmed.

This is what is now being corrected and the last hurdle we have. We never would put out a product that was not 100%.


In recap, the communication from China has been spotty at times and the language barrier has caused most of the issues.


Jerry is on his way to China to over see the final assembly of the JH3A and address the spidf input. He will not come back until he has the JH3A with him.


Once again, we personally apologize for the delays and communication. We have always lived that we are only as good as our last product. The poor communication is a mistake that we take full blame for. Everyone has our personal guarantee that the amp will be shipped shortly and will perform perfectly.


Jerry will be at the factory by weeks end and we will keep everyone updated once he is there.


If anyone has any questions please feel free to call us at the office, although this is the most up to date information that we have at this time.


Brittany Harvey

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During the initial phase, this new middleman had a stroke and communication stopped for a while. He then communicated he was undergoing surgery to open an artery but the Amp was still moving forward.
Unholy carp, now that's dedication!

It still doesn't explain why they had a working prototype at Canjam, unless it wasn't boarded -- was it going through a computer?

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Well, finally over the illness to give the 53rd refit of the JH13s a close listen and the balance issue has been resolved [cue: Leonard Cohen 'hallelujah']. Nice to listen straight ahead and overall it's a very nice sound. I'm pretty sure the soundstage has simultaneously shrunk (both in size and 'closed' sounding/feeling). Is that because things are now aligned as intended or another quirk of the fit I'm not sure, but it's a trade off I'm willing to make.

Will say after hearing the same pair in so many different states I really would recommend taking all comments about JHA, or possibly any custom, IEMs with a bolder of salt because I'm really unsure if any of us are hearing the same thing. I still have a JH3A + JH16 on order and will make some comments in comparison when they arrive, but don't know the use to others. If you order either I'm not sure you'll get anything similar. So easy to disrupt detail, tone, separation, etc. and the margin of error inside ears must be pretty small. Thank you evolution.

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Congrats on finally getting the fit right Ric, I must admit I'm a bit jealous.

I would tend to agree with your comments in regards to the sound but I'd be more inclined to say the variance is probably larger in universal fits where different tips and fits can have a dramatic affect on the sound. I suspect once a custom is fit properly the variation in sonic character between users is probably less than universals but that's just my theory.

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Glad it finally worked out for you, Ric.

My only thoughts are that I ended up going through 3 sets before they got them right, but the sound never changed much, if at all, that I could detect between them, FWIW. They were more comfort and design problems. Maybe I just have easy ears...?

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When JH Audio sent me the universals last year for our Montreal meet, I did a bit of comparison and while there was certainly a difference between the real pair and the demos (real pair sounded better), they shared many similar characteristics, a "base signature" if you want. I guess it should be the same between two custom pairs, so even though we may not all hear the same thing, I think there's still a common ground for discussion.

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