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The Live Music Thread


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On 7/29/2023 at 8:33 PM, Grahame said:

Hello Novato!




Which is gutsy, given Neal Schon is a local resident, and his son, Miles, part of the local music scene, is also supposed to be a "player" according to local unnamed sources.


Miles is sporting a PRS in the first pic.  I'm jealous.  I used to lust after a Neal Schon sig, it's a freaking beast of a guitar.



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^Guitar Nerd Observation.

You'll Notice that the Guitarist doesn't have an amp / stack, unlike the Bassist. That's because he had a Line 6 Helix on the floor, direct into their Behringer PA (with stereo subs) system. It worked and delivered all the required tones.

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Diet Coke and The Beach Boys

5th row center, but the bloody chairs were aligned wrong to the stage, so it was just a hair left of center, but still, not too shabby.

The Beach Boys obviously had to give it up to the greatest Beach Boy, Sir Uncle Jesse. Sadly, he wasn't there this day, but they're playing Vegas in a couple weeks, and I wouldn't be surprised...
Uncle Jesse Tribute.jpeg

The Beach Boys covering The Ramones - Rockaway Beach  


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Ciao Novato!

Opera at the Hamilton Amphitheater. 


We arrived early to secure a place in the shade at the Amphitheater during set up / sound check



There was  added drama, as their headlining baritone Richard Rittelmann was flying in from Paris that day, had been delayed in customs, was hiring a car, and was in the process of driving up, so would he make it for the big performance or not?

In the meantime, they rearranged  the program on the fly, and apart from a few teething troubles with their wireless sound system put on quite a show.






Richard arrived

And delivered.


Thanks Novato.


Back/Side-Stage with the stars (note the Ross goodie bag!)



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Peter Gabriel last night in SF.

I’m glad I got to see him while he is still doing his thing. With the same warhorse band he has been with for damn near 50 years at this point, no less. He can still hit the high notes, but his voice is more fragile now that gives the songs a different feel, appropriate for a guy who is now 73.

The new songs are pretty good!



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Their longevity is amazing, almost like the Rolling Stones. 

All the above makes me remember when Gene Simmons was on the Howard Stern show.  He readily admitted that everything Kiss did was carefully planned and crafted, and no amount of merchandising was too much.  I seem to recall a phrase "Pennies and nickels, Howard....pennies and nickels" (meaning it ALL makes a difference and ALL adds up).....

But I still fondly remember my Kiss Alive cassette tape, and am still working out issues from having it stolen (by a counselor no less) at Summer camp back in 1977 😄....  And making out with a girl from the next year's camp after slow-dancing to Beth....

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