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Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread


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[emoji20] that circuit doesn't work. The first switch debounce output (U2) is high and then transitions to low when the momentary switch is pressed. This means U1 clear is always being asserted. What is the easy way to invert this logic? I still need half that switch to be NO for the logic that happens on the other side of H1. I suppose it's possible a half NO and half NC momentary switch might exist, but seems unlikely in the switch form factor I am using and commited to. I need to find a way to jumper U2 pin 1 and 3 and then test the other part of the circuit. Testing tiny SMD components on a dense board is hard [emoji20]


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2 hours ago, Pars said:

Thanks! That's the closest thing I've seen so far, but then again I hadn't even found any PCB style jacks with chassis mounting hole in my search... Sadly the bottom pins aren't in the same place and there are no locking tabs like in your link. I'm not so sure about overall dimensions, either. Definitely tough. I emailed Emotiva, hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow with a part number. 

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Is that shipped or do they want another $8-10 for that? I'd probably try the whining approach, you know, the fucking POS broke :)
Of course they might come back with the ship it in (and pay shipping both ways :) )

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I'm looking for Xicon 273-series resistors:

Seems available from Mouser, but at 5000 minimum quantity.
So, any hint's on where to buy in less quantity or some who might have those in stock and want to let go of, please let me know.
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