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The Headcase Stax thread


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I don't care about the re-capping - there may have been other reasons for that - but removing the wool from the Sigma Pros is just wrong headed. 2 obvious reasons - firstly reduced front to back isolation around the drivers will cause an even more severe deep bass roll-off than these phones already have. Secondly, the wool provides the equivalent of room type diffractive, reflective and absorptive surfaces. Remove it at your peril, my friends.

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with help from a few headcasers =) im listening to a pair of Lambda pros and a SRM-1 MK2.

all i have to say is WOW....love these for jazz and classical...fantastic soundstage and detail. I wish for alittle more mid response, but its not to bad.

i tried to NOT want it, but GAWD now that i have it, i want MORE!!!!

And so it begins...>:D

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I want to get a stand and cover for my 404LE. The Stax stand doesn't look very stable. Am I right about that? The Woo ones look much better.

But if I get a Woo single stand, will the Stax cover still fit over it?



I use both stands and he Stax cover fits just fine on the Woo.



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