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The Headcase Stax thread


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10 hours ago, padam said:

I definitely give two thumbs up that they are wiling to delve deeper into their past.

I'm all for that if it isn't a cash grab like the X9000.  Looks like the SR-Omega... misses all of the design nuances and gets them all wrong

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The foam in my SR-007 earpads is degrading, they need to be replaced soon. I'm not sure if I should pay 200€ for the original Stax earpads, or buy Vesper Audio earpads for around 100€. Does anyone here have experience with custom earpads from them? Based on everything I have read and seen, the build quality is much higher than in the original earpads and the leather is much higher quality too. I haven't seen anyone talking about sonic differences, I'm worried they would change the sound of my headphones. I love the way they sound now and don't want to change that. They offer basic foam, memory foam and latex, I have no idea if the foam will have an effect on the sound and which one would be closest to the original?

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There SR-X1 drivers are clearly a play on the older SR-XMk3/SR-5N basic structure as seen from the stators but who knows what the structure is actually like.  I'll buy a set when they first become available and rip it all apart...  :)

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Here’s a quad of Western Electric 300B in the Grand Cayman. Just something i am trying while waiting on the first batch of finished enclosures to arrive (the power transformers just got here by boat)

how does it compare with 20B? So far, here are some bullet points

- Surprisingly low noise. This is with dc heaters. The blue hawaii, or Grand Cayman with 20B or 300B all have about the same noise floor, using decent tubes. 

- The gain is a bit low. About 375x with WE 300B, 425x with EHX, and the EML 20B version is about 700x. [note: i havent tried changing any feedback setting yet]

for comparison most Stax amps are between 500x and 1000x gain

the lower gain could work out great if adding a preamp in front of the amp, but for a quick increase to 1000x gain simply replace the input tube 6SN7/12SN7 with a higher gain 6SL7/12SL7

As one would expect, distortion is higher. About .1 to .2% under load, or about 10x as high as the 20B

which one sounds better is likely going to be very subjective and will have to wait until i get a 2nd one put together for proper A/B comparisons


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On 3/7/2024 at 11:32 AM, justin said:

Here’s a quad of Western Electric 300B in the Grand Cayman.


WE300B tubes were only making 5.5 watts vs 8 watts of Shuguang 300B-Z in this video.  It's a bit puzzling and I wonder if other 300B tubes may be a better option in the 'stat amp?


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This is funny, I just bought some SRD-7's to use as donors for my own boxes.  A SR-Lambda was included with one of those energizers and just look at that serial number...  :) 


Aside from the foam in the earcups being crusty and the earpads having been replaced at some point, they play perfectly for a 45 year old set. 

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Any of you notice this? Apparently going to produce it; a version of Pass' beast of a thousand JFETs for electrostatic headphones. I didn't go to Axpona this year, but apparently it was there.


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