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  • 6 months later...

Last fall my Panasonic plasma stopped working. It was replaced with a new TV, and I always intended to try to fix the Panasonic. 8 months later it is clear this isn't going to happen. I know this is a long shot, but I have the original box and I am happy to send it to anyone who wants to try to fix it for the cost of shipping. Seems a shame to send it to the landfill if that can be avoided.

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Well then. We found a local shop to fix the Panasonic. They replaced the main board and it returned to service for about 3 months.  It has now stopped working in exactly the same way as last time which suggests that whatever caused the board to blow is still bad. I don't think it's worth trying again. Too bad.

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1 hour ago, Voltron said:

Bummer. Maybe ask the local shop if they will fix the real problem this time because they clearly didn't last time you paid them to do that. Lawyer up! But in the "cowboy up" sense, not the usual meaning.

Probably not worth the effort. Even if they re-fix the part they did at their expense, which they obviously should, they'd have to find the actually broken bit which seems difficult since it takes it months to cause a problem. That I'd have to pay for, and I would rather not throw good money after bad at this point.

And, the repair shop is a guy barely getting by fixing old TVs out of the first floor of his house. If he's honest, then he did his best and we took a shot. Life is hard and I don't need to make his any more difficult. And if he's not, then I'm not going to win anyway.

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TLDR: if you are an old Plasma hold out it is time to move on. current OLED is significantly better in 99% of the viewing experience and getting 4K + HDR alone is worth it. 


couple weeks ago we upgraded from the old 50" Panasonic UT50 plasma (~2012 era) to a 55" LG C2 OLED.

i knew it would be a jump but i am  shocked at the improvements. every single aspect of viewing is better with (maybe) one exception in cinematic motion. i was never a fan of smoothing but with this TV you can very delicately apply it to de-judder and even things out.

1917 4K last night was absolutely spectacular. had i realized the jump from blu ray to UHD 4K I probably wouldn't have waited so long, however 4K is starting to get less expensive and i have a pretty large physical library of blu that will take a long time to upgrade even 30% of.  

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