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Ok so I hope this isn't 205 (I looked and didn't see it mentioned).

But I've been using AudioTools on my iTouch and it's a way kewl set of audio analysis tools. Some are free but the really kewl and informative ones cost a few $$.

I don't have an iPad, yet, but some of the apps within this suite are tailored just for the iPad.

The spectrum analysis tool is mighty handy for those who'd like a very portable way of seeing what the sound in your environment is.




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Technically Paper is by the team who originally came up with the Courier concept...and it shows. Absolutely beautiful app that works incredibly well considering there are no options to change opacity, brush size, etc.

The other app, Tapose on the other hand is a piece of crap. I followed these guys when they originally put out their Kickstarter page. These two guys who had nothing to do with the original concept basically wanted to recreate the courier on an ipad. They had very little experience with app development or designing UI and it sort of shows in the final product...

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but what's the best app for printing to a networked printer from an iPad? Assume a non-Airplay enabled printer. Also not a wireless network printer, it is hanging off an Airport Extreme's ethernet port.

EDIT: Also, I don't want to have a Mac on in order to print, so I think something like Printopia is out.

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Not true, actually. Apps like Print n Share and HP eprint will do it, but it's clunky and not fun. You basically have to print your stuff from within the print app itself, which is annoying. So it can be done, but it isn't as simple as it should be an certainly not as easy as Airprint. Gas Face Apple for making this shit harder than it should be.

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Going to cross post this in the Deals thread.

Looks like Corel bought the company that did "Avid Studio", a video app. I think it was 5-10$. It's been renamed to Pinnacle Studio for iPad, and is free for a limited time. From what the reviews are saying, it's a killer video editing app.



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