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Last dynamic Headphone

Spychedelic Whale

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Well I finally got my system complete with the M^3 and I just don't like/find my system to sound anything special.

Right now I have an Northstar 192 MKI and the M^3 using the laptop as a transport.

I had the HF2 but it looks I'm not a grado person and for the reasons stated I sold it.

Since I just got the M^3 I'm willing to give the system another try with a new headphone before I sell everything.

I'm open to your suggestions.

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Actually I do have them and I think their pretty much perfect, but I still like the idea of having an headphone for the times I don't feel like sticking stuff on the hear or be isolated from the world and being able to share it with family and close friends is a plus.

are these the limited edition JHI6 ? If not, you're missing out.

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I don't get why you guys are being so harsh.. By this time I was hoping I could get some useful help from headcase community.

You did from manaox2, and I agree that the LCD-2 might be the next headphone to try. Being an Iso/Orthodynamic you might like the speed and sound signature.

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As far as I'm concerned, all dynamic headphones I've heard had at least one major flaw, but if I had to recommend one, I'd say Sennheiser HD650. Unfortunately, they're painfully slow compared to electrostats, which means you should listen to The Monkey's opinion, if only because you don't want him to get angry at you.

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