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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Chihiro Yamanaka



Unknown artist to me. I thought it was maybe classical, until I heard the first note. Oh jazz, oh look it is Blue Note. Next time take a little look before you leap Mikey. Or maybe not, I might not get to listen to some things otherwise. Anyway, a good recording of some standards and originals. 

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^^ another one I need to rewatch. 

Rounding off my afternoon listening with a slightly longer album (1:45) of goodness.

My Bluegrass Heart

My Bluegrass Heart
Béla Fleck


Example - starts out with this and then just gets better:

With the following lineup - it is hard to not like.  It's like they have all been cooped to for too long and they just wanted to play.

Banjo  ---  Béla Fleck, Noam Pikelny, Tony Trischka
Bass  ---  Edgar Meyer, Mark Schatz, Paul Kowert, Royal Masat
Dobro  ---  Jerry Douglas
Fiddle  ---  Andy Leftwich, Billy Contreras, Michael Cleveland, Stuart Duncan
Guitar  ---  Billy Strings, Bryan Sutton, Cody Kilby, Molly Tuttle
Mandolin  ---  Chris Thile, David Grisman, Dominick Leslie, Sam Bush, Sierra Hull

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