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What are you listening to Part the Third


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A housemate had this on nearly a continual repeat back in the early '90's.
Almost spoiled it for me - but I still pull it out occasionally, and thoroughly enjoy it.


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Live In Australia (Remastered 1998)

Live In Australia (Remastered 1998)
Elton John



Simply one of my favorite live albums of all time, up there with Billy Joel's Songs in the Attic. Full blown arraignments of tunes with orchestra in mind, not a gimmick (I am looking at you metallica). It is recorded well, not perfect, but the rest makes up for it in spades with performance and scale. 

I first saw this performance on HBO or something like that at the time, and was blown away by it and ordered up the album soon afterwards (thank you Columbia House Music Club). I still have it but it has been packed away for so long, so I was very happy to have a good version on Tidal to bring it all back to me (and be portable). 

I think I am on my third listen in a few days, I will not let it stray that far away again. 


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Stereo Mind Game

Stereo Mind Game



Newer release from Daughter. I know that they have been around for ten years or so, but I have not been following them. I really appreciated the overall mood and vibe of this album. Not standout songs, But takes me on a slow journey that I really enjoyed. I will have to go back and take a look at the lyrics to see how the messages match-up. I am not great with lyrics for the most part on a first listen. 


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Chelsea Wolfe, Abyss (no relation)

Trying to decide on my vote for the best album of from 2010 January 1 to 2019 December 31, and Abyss came up as a choice, and I did listen to it quite obsessively when I discovered it.  Listening to it now, it's definitely a contender. 


List so far is:

Matt Elliott, The Broken Man
Max Richter, Sleep
Kyros, Vox Humana
Al1ce, The 13th Hour
Big Big Train, English Electric
David Bowie, Blackstar
Hiromi, not even sure which one -- Voice, Move, Alive, Spark, Spectrum...
Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel...
Nick Cave, The Skeleton Key or Push the Sky Away
Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica, R Plus Seven,
tricot, T H E,
Slowdive, Slowdive
Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker

Albums I need to look into:
Daughters, Alvvays, The Caretaker, Destroyer, Clarence Clarity, Lamp (more), Beach House,

And what the fuck is "slushiewave" -- music inspired by brainfreezes?

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^ I think that’s from last year, right? Well, the web seems mixed on the two years, though I bought the LPs back in Covid days. Or could there be two or an abridged release with the same title? 

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Hmmm. I think that there is something going on there. There was a release in April of last year, to your point, but TIDAL shows last month.


So I turn to the best source that I know - Discogs.


So it looks like TIDAL has picked up this release and format push that Anti has released.

Regardless - I like. Yeah it is a compilation, but what better way to get to know an artist? - thx Ric.

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