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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Many people knew him as a country singer.

Some knew that for a short time he was a Beach Boy.

Not many know that before his singing career took off, he was a member of The Wrecking Crew, and an extremely well respected studio guitar player. 

In fact, one day when The Wrecking Crew showed up for a scheduled recording session, Glen happened to be standing in front of a microphone. As members of the crew teased him for his humor, they were quite surprised to find out that they were actually there to lay down music for Glen Campbell's first album.

Anyway, here's Glen picking the William Tell Overture.


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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Prime Video Original Series Soundtrack)
Hania Rani



I have been waiting for the new Rani album for like six months (they released like 2 tracks in April) and it is still not out for a month and a half!

Anyway, I was happy to find they dropped a soundtrack on the 4th. I have not seen the show, so no comment there, but I like the soundtrack. I do wish a lot of the works were longer. You can tell that many were written for the scene vs. writting a long composition and then just using a part of it in a scene. But I will take some Hania over no Hania. 

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^ I'm the opposite. Although I've heard some of Rainbows songs, I never got into them.

I listened to their first album. It had Man On The Silver Mountain... and that's about the only song worth listening to. 

This one, after Richie Blackmoore fired everyone but Dio, hits the mark. 

The song Stargazer is a masterpiece. In fact, The Charismatic Voice, reviewed that song on YouTube which sent me down this path. 

The song: 

These two in awe. 


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The rock history podcast I listen to just had an episode on the Band and "The Weight." What a great goddamn song. Have heard it a million times and I could hear it a million more before I get sick of it.

RIP Robbie, btw.


One of my favorite versions of it is on Before the Flood. Killer live album front to back.


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The 7” Singles
Paul McCartney



So, I have been involved in some larger music listening projects. This being one of them. 

It is an interesting journey (with 10+ hours of listening), starting with the above track, but I have to realize that he had 10 years of writing before this. And it is interesting to hear the B sides, a lot of them were more experamental. But the highs of this run are very high.

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