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    Top Gear

    It is probably for the best that no one brought up Clarkson and May MC'ing the Sydney Top Gear festival. It was beyond terrible.
  2. I keep them in for the heat. My juice machine obliterates them so I don't have seeds in the juice. If you're using a blender, maybe straining should remove them while maybe allowing some of the heat from the seeds to remain in the juice? I am not sure. I am not too sure how V8 Spicy Hot gets its heat, I could not find anything in the ingredients list. Jalapenos are the closest I have found taste wise (I tried chilli powder, green and red chillis and small amounts of habenero). I should have added the beet is the most sensitive of all ingredients, it can dominate the flavor if you use too much. A spicy beet drink is no good
  3. I have been trying to replicate spicy hot V8. Which is delicious but has nearly 700 mg of sodium in 8 oz (and a bunch of other crap) This will make roughly 8 oz after another straining 2-3 tomato 2 large sticks celery 0.5 large beat plenty of spinach plenty of parsley 1.5 large carrots 1.5-2 jalapenos (do to taste, sometimes I get decently hot ones, sometimes they are completely mild) another strain with strainer and add pinch of salt and black pepper. More juice consistency than smoothy. Chill, significantly better very cold than at room temp. The color is off being a much darker blood orange, but the taste is quite close.
  4. From Jeffrey Jackson/Dave Slagle's blog. Sort of cryptic post, but it sounds like he is involved in building these
  5. This is your first year in the H-C league isn't it
  6. deepak


    IIRC grawk was a taper (also Phil Lesh's ball washer)
  7. I was viewing the files directly off the camera via USB. I have an organization system once I copy them over. I am lazy and generally don't delete files off the camera until it tells me the memory card is getting full, if I was deleting stuff as I copied them to my computer I wouldn't have encountered this. It's really a moot issue, I just shared my story since I thought it was sort of funny because like rtn I would not have been happy about these pics not "being there". Also I can't remember the last time I did the view all files trick (maybe Windows 2000 days?) which was also moment.
  8. Whatever OS I would run I'd have folders set to organize by file name, I think I would go mad with anything else. It's the camera itself that looped over and started with the new numbering of file names. rtn I appreciate the advice, I'll look into it. This was an old Sony P&S, oof marone a 1D... I can't spend that kinda money on anything other than audio gear
  9. Didn't know where to post this... so might as well do it here. My digital camera threw me for a loop today. It has passed 10000 photos taken and reset the naming from DSC09999 back to DSC00001. So the pictures I took at last nights party were no where to be seen since Windows organizes pictures by file name. So they were somewhere in the middle instead of at the end. Around 10 minutes later of trying old tricks like view hidden files, etc and I realized what had happened. I think it is time to retire this old war bird
  10. deepak


    Beeely knew how to troll. I sort of miss him. Where else can I find lol, jagbag, and Ray Samuel (and other incoherent rambling) in the same post.
  11. Lets keep his personal business out of this
  12. this is a nice effect, 'specially on some live music. IIRC you are anti-Miles, but you should listen to some of the Plugged Nickel concert on the 800z, I finally got this guy on the vinyl box. Almost sounds like my ESL63s in the dark
  13. Michael Vick is still a starting QB? I suppose he can be in a division that could finish with no team over .500
  14. This ^ A late happy birthday Dusty.
  15. Happy belated b-day Marc, haven't heard from you in a while, hope you're doing well
  16. Catching up on the birthday wishes, I hope you had a great one Peter.
  17. Catching up on the b-day wishes, hope you had a good oneacidbasement
  18. Happy belated birthday Jim. No classes plus steak ftmfw.
  19. A happy belated birthday Steve, hope it was a fun one!
  20. Happy belated b-day Vicki, I hope it was filled with nice things
  21. Catching up on the birthday wishes, I hope you had a great one Carl.
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