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  1. They probably thought that your package was on the truck that was out for delivery, but they actually missed it when they loaded the truck.
  2. Maybe you can try these heated boots: Columbia Sportswear | Bugathermo Rechargeable Heated Boot
  3. Using sensitive headphones like Grados, my SQ-84 hums/buzzes maybe 70% of the time at home. I tried using the amp at work, and there's no hum/buzz at all. So now I have a 30-pound tube amp sitting on my office desk. I guess dirty power is probably the cause of the problem at home. The power choke is close to one of the output transformers, which is probably why I only get the hum/buzz in one channel.
  4. IIRC, some people have tried marking regular PCM1704 chips as the K grade ones.
  5. I'm pretty sure USB 2.0 has enough bandwidth for 384. There's also the USB audio standard. I'm not sure if the class 2.0 version of this supports 384, but you don't have to use it if you write your own driver.
  6. Dibs! It looks like the warranty on the QB-9 is not transferable, so I'm tempted to just buy a new one once I have enough money saved up.
  7. If there's an USB host controller for the external HDs, supporting external USB DACs should be relatively simple.
  8. If the LCD-2 sounds better than the LCD-1, then I think the price is pretty reasonable. I don't have a pair of LCD-1, but I think the upgrade program is fair unless they gave the impression that it was going to be better. They should try to improve the cable and the headband though. For interconnects this might be OK, but for headphone cables....
  9. That guy also wrote a post about Wikiphonia.
  10. You can actually buy square, hexagonal, and octagonal "drill bits." They are not really just simple drill bits, but you can drill square holes with slightly rounded corners using these things. Here's some information about how they work: http://upper.us.edu/faculty/smith/reuleaux.htm MW article about the Watts Bros floating chuck - Page 2 - The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS
  11. I don't think it's a regular USB DAC that connects to a computer. According to the description, you plug USB memory sticks into the USB ports. The DAC then reads and plays the music files stored on the memory stick.
  12. I have an uncle that plays violin for Cincinnati Pops.
  13. I actually didn't realize what it meant until I saw Dreadhead's post.
  14. Even if what you said is 100% true and unquestionable, that alone makes tone subjective IMO.
  15. Tone is very subjective IMO. It's very easy to say "the tone is off" when you don't like a pair of headphones, but the tone may be just fine for other people. Biased against other people's opinions that are different from yours? Just because you call it "basic standards" doesn't mean that it's not just personal preference. ATs suck because the midrange tone is off.
  16. Actually, you don't get to use starting blocks in a 40 yard dash IIRC. This should be a pretty big difference.
  17. I see. That should be a good way to do it if he was able to estimate the imaginary 40 yard line accurately.
  18. How did you get that number? You can't accurately translate 100m times to 40 yard times. Just not possible without more information.
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