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Neil Young claims he was working on an audiophile iPod with Steve Jobs


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Avoiding that digital glare? Almost analogue sounding? How many veils does it lift?


1) Zero digital glare, it makes redbook recordings sound like high res

2) High res recordings sound like vinyl

3) Recordings I thought I knew well have the veil(s) lifted, its like the music orgasms all over my face

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my black pono came today. time for ebay maybe..


the packaging is awesome, though i always find the over the top use of recycled/"sustainable" materials to be ironic considering this device duplicates functionality that people already have 


it's a bamboo box with "pono" burned into the top and a lid that slides off. it's about the size of a coffin for a small rat. Underneath is the pono player and more bamboo pieces glued in place to support the player and charger.

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