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Neil Young claims he was working on an audiophile iPod with Steve Jobs


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He always writes such happy little ditties.  (whistles)


I hear you, man.  "Out of the blue and into the black.  Once you're gone you can't come back..."


According to this article, Needle of Death is actually a cover (as are all of the other tracks on... gulp... did he actually cut an entire album of one-take covers? and is he actually now going to release an "audiophile" version of it?)


If nothing else, you have to give him a nod for his creativity and authenticity.  He's become more than a little nuts as he's aged, however (IMO, of course).

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I've bought a few Blu Ray Pure Audio discs, all classical at this point. They do sound great, but I'm mostly running them through my Audyssey'd HT rig which downsamples to 24/48. I've switched back and forth between the full resolution version (analog outs from oppo bdp-95) and the Audyssey'd version (hdmi out to my humble denon AVR-2112CI receiver) and I like the Audssey'd version better.


Bottom line is, just like any "new" format, its the mixing/mastering that counts more than the hi-rezness, IMO.


This whole room correction thing has been a real revelation to me. I'd never been able to get my HT to produce audiophile quality sound, particularly because the subwoofer was so out of control. Audyssey gets that in check. Its not completely monodirectional, but its surprisingly how little I'm thinking "the bass is coming from there". Usually it feels like its right in front of me. And the phantom center is perfect.


Way off topic I know. I just like Audyssey and wanted to share.

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"No doubt about it, the Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty preamplifier's sound quality is truly revelatory. I should hope so, since it sells for $27,500, but here's the truly shocking part: Ayre's owner -- and the preamp's designer -- Charles Hansen, thinks the upcoming Pono Music Player will deliver "80 or 90 percent" of the KX-R Twenty's sound"

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I was just surprised that apparently the man himself said that. Why on earth would he say something like this?


It's a weird market...


Because nobody is buying his expensive shit, yet thousands of people are poised to buy the much cheaper shit that he'll get a slice of?  Maybe?  Especially with his ringing endorsement.

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