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What's in da baaaahhhhhxxxxx? Some parts. Darker blue than we thought. Happiest kid in the world in this moment. **BRENT**

My Friends:    And my fan nº1 and asisstant   

Alec is 12 today and asked for a "proper bike."

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it rained, and the rest of my parts arrived, so I rebuilt my bike.

Ultegra R8000 full group, 52/36 crank, 11/30 cassette, fulcrum 6 wheels (apparently I need a spacer, so my "magical r8000 shifting" isn't quite magical yet), ec70 stem and bars


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4 hours ago, VPI said:

Don’t you normally need a spacer when you are using a 10 speed drivetrain on 11 speed wheels?


4 hours ago, grawk said:

I just know I can't get it tight enough to not have just enough play to make shifting less precise.

R8000 should be 11spd, right?

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Most of my team members use Flux and are quite satisfied.

I personally still prefer the curler roller, but in view of a new confinement and that the racing season has gone to hell, I have decided to buy a Flux.... Fucking covid

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today was quite the ride. 5 miles in my left crank arm came off. so i took 2 minutes and put it back on, and made a note to get a torque wrench. i then went 3 more miles til it started pouring. Got within a mile of home, hit a pothole, and got a flat. but still got PRs on every segment except the one where the arm fell off, and am 11 seconds from KOM on one segment now. 

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