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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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5 hours ago, grawk said:

I hurt my foot running and didn’t want to lose the gains i’ve made so I went out on the bike today.  i rode my old mountain bike because I figured the extra weight would help. 




1) That's what you get for running

2) Glad to see you back out on a bike (well, not see you; wouldn't be glad for that)

3) Heh, that's probably steeper than a lot of road bikes now; IDK what's going on with your handlebars there, but very similar to a 650b-gravel bike these days, I'd imagine.

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oh for sure, those early 90s mountain bikes were basically 26" road bikes with knobby tires.  I threw a goofy touring handlebar setup, because the frame is way too big for me to use with drop bars, and I wanted to ride it longer distances and be able to change up hand positions.


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Decided to ride to our vacation spot today. Didn't look at time/distance/speed once during the ride. Just rode at a pace that I thought would allow me to finish. An unexpected detour added about five and a half miles and an additional big hill or two but I survived, so no complaints.


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I just went to a 120/6 stem.  Got me a little more reach, and a little lower.  My Ultegra group is working it's way through the covid affected international air shipping. 


Did 25 miles/1000 Ft of climbing today.  Averaged 14.9mph.  Still avoiding the small ring.

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