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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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I've been thinking about this too. There is a good review of the various types on the Global Cycling Network (GCN) you tube channel. Actually for all things cycling it is excellent, run by a couple of ex-pro British cyclists. Turbo trainer vid 



Their training turbo training vids are a thing to behold - they reduce themselves to sweat pouring exhaustion. Heaven knows what power they are putting in. There are a number of different length and duration sessions to watch.

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2 hours ago, jpelg said:

Any recommendations for a basic trainer to turn my road bike into a stationary?

Looking to get some exercise during my @home work lunch hours. Nothing fancy, just sturdy & not requiring tools for every adjustment. Maybe...$150-300 range-ish?

Please, please don't but anything that isn't a smart trainer. I hated riding on the trainer until I got my TACX Flow. Not too much more than you're looking to spend ($370) and just so much better an experience and something that I'll likely use it even during the good weather months when time simply doesn't permit riding outdoors.

And I should have offered this stuff here I guess, but I've basically got all of the parts stripped off of the Calfee which includes a mostly complete (no chain, no cassette) Dura-Ace 7800 group, S-works carbon cockpit (stem, bars), and some other misc. bits.

Pics Here

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Have one of those spin bikes which I go on pretty regularly.



What I like about it, is it has magnetic resonance and a fixed gear, so I can make the pedalling easy or hard, but it has to be done continuously.

Wasn’t keen on the original saddle so got that Selle SMP carbon, and although it’s rock hard, it’s surprisingly comfortable, in fact very.



I train to those DVD’s,


and also GCN workouts.





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That was awesome. And apart from dirt roads back in 1903, you had to fix your bike if you had a mechanical. If you had assistance you were given a time penalty.

There was a famous incident while descending the col de Tourmalet, recounted here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugène_Christophe when he walked 10km down the descent when his forks broke, found a forge, and set about brazing his bike back together. But he had the blacksmith's son pump the bellows. In spite of losing a massive amount of time, he was given a 10 minute penalty because he had assistance from having the forge pumped.

He still finished in 7th place.

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Aesthetically IMO it´s a beautiful frame, I like the idea of not having the vertical tube (where the seatpost goes) and I like the idea of using the same "look" frame for everything (road and mountain).

I'm not an expert but I'm not sure if it´s whether there is an advantage in weight / resistance vs. a current carbon frame (multi layers) and specific either for road or MTB. :huh:  On the other hand, without a vertical tube that helps support the rider's weight, these pods have to be quite robust... and heavy.

For general use such as going for a walk, excursions, moving around the city, etc. I think it would work

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Agreed, climbing on anything steeper than 5% would seem to be a little whippy and the fast downhills should give a give a sphincter tightening experience IMHO.

Price for the non-E version with a Shimano groupo seems pretty low.

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