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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Well, winter weather is now truly upon us with temps barely breaking double digits this weekend and a foot or so of the whiteness predicted for tomorrow.  So I've gotten busy building up the snow rig and despite a few hiccups it's actually going ok.


New brake hoses are required to replace the ones that came with the slightly used brakes I bought (too short) then just a shifter cable housing and some brake caliper adapters are all that's really missing. A friend has some basic SPD's that I'll use for now and I'm pretty sure I've got a spare saddle to throw at it.  Hopefully all the bits still arrive this week and I've got a message into my local shop to give it a thorough looking over before I start riding. I'm hoping to have it on the trails in two weeks or so and the inbound snow should make for some entertaining rides w/ the studded tires.


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There should be adapters available to accommodate different diameters.  Even on my 2018 Scott Genius it runs post mount adapters to mate up with 180mm discs which were the default standard by that point.  Same with the 2015 frame that I'm working on building up now and one of the reasons I haven't been able to get it wrapped up this week.  The adapters and new brake lines should be at my house when I get home so with a little luck I'll drop the bike off at my shop mid next week for a thorough check over to make sure I don't die the first time I ride it.  

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A couple of years ago my wife went in for wrist surgery, and while we waited a guy in his early 20s was waiting for the next surgery in a journey as a result of a MB accident. Downhill into a dip, came off, and noticed one foot was rotated by 180 degrees. Compound fracture with bones sticking out.

Fortunately he had a phone and enough signal to call for help. Helicopter extraction.

First surgery was 8 hours. Next one was 8 hours. Etc. Weeks in hospital.

I have no idea if he was wearing  a helmet.

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8 hours ago, n_maher said:

Decided to put in some speed work this morning since I was up at the crack of dawn seeing half the house off for a weekend (or more) of baseball in CT.  Weather was pretty much perfect, warmish , no sun, virtually no wind.


31.26 miles in 1:31:52 with 1109ft of elevation. When did you get a Class 1 Ebike?

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