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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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"Cunt" is bi-partisan.



I wasn't aware of a political party that wasn't cunt



Why I did not catch that obvious fact before posting, I will never know.  Thanks for reminding me that my vote means less than a politicians' word :sadcat:



I give up trying to embed a vimeo link, so here it is below:




Edit:  Okay, fuck that!  I tried all sorts of fancy syntax.  All I had to to was post the URL?  Son of the beech!

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Steve Goodson, that crazy saxophone-makin' bastard. There are a handful of us who may enjoy this a bit more than the others. A few minutes in there's a wall of pictures, and I saw Paul Cohen. I laughed, as I used to talk to that dude on AOL almost daily, and I remember him dropping 5k on a pimped out G3 Powerbook. I wonder how "using that for 10 years" worked out for him :)

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Reddit went full retard yesterday.  Full. Retard.  The reddit admins banned the subreddit "Fat People Hate," which was dedicated to ...exactly what it sounds like.  The amount of sewage that has spewed as a result is the stuff off legend.  There's a decent recap on the Out of the Loop subreddit, and a lot more detail at Subreddit Drama.


Other than further reinforcing my Gen X cynicism and possibly lowering my already dim view of the average redditard, I haven't paid much attention to the whole kerfuffle.  What spare time I had yesterday was dedicated to setting up a Workshop Map Server TF2 server with the Mic Snobs (my TF2 group) technical admin.  Also, the Steam Summer Sale started today.  All of this said, the reasonably famous YouTuber boogie2988 posted a video last night on the subject:



As per usual, Boogie make some salient points while being reasonably amusing.  I don't subscribe to his channel (there are not enough hours in the day to watch the channels I already subscribe to) but I always find him to be a stand up guy.  He gets more shit thrown at him on a daily basis than I can imagine.


When I watched the video, this was the top comment:




It had something like 1800 "thumbs up" next to it.  "SJW" is a pejorative that means "social justice warrior."  I'm ...not sure I can translate the rest of that comment.

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In the "what would you use this for?" department:






You are looking at the largest, most powerful, most dangerous magnet we carry. At over 1200lbs of pull force, it is likely the strongest magnet available anywhere! These HUGE blocks are no joke. They are extremely powerful and very dangerous, and as such must be handled with extreme caution.

They will pinch hard enough to break the skin and could even crush if you get between two of them or one and a piece of metal. Much worse than getting a hand slammed in a car door. They are heavy, sturdy, and unbelievably strong. Once a block this large is attached to a metal surface it will be impossible to remove it.

This magnet is not a toy and should only be handled by professionals. We recommend always having at least one other person help you handle this massive block. We use a team of at least three.

You must read and understand our Neodymium Magnet Safety Page before ordering these magnets. You must also agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing. THESE ARE VERY DANGEROUS!

Due to the special manner in which this magnet must be shipped and the danger in returning it to us, we will NOT accept returns on this item. Please be sure you know what you are getting into before ordering.


 Price: $1027.06
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So-called low-field MRI uses NdFeB magnets to generate around 0.3 to 0.4 T over a volume you can get a human into.  Have a look at this http://usa.healthcare.siemens.com/magnetic-resonance-imaging/0-35-to-1-5t-mri-scanner/magnetom-c


Problem is  that unlike a superconducting magnet, you can't turn it off, so shipping and re-siting is a really big deal.

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