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Project Wintendo is go.

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Very nice! I just built a new computer at the beginning of the summer with a little lower spec.

Corsair 600T case, Asus Z87-Pro, i5-4670K, GTX760-SC, Samsung 840Pro 256G, 1600MHz 4G*2, Seasonic X650, Pahtek PH-TC14PE CPU cooler.

I was able to play all the games I had with settings maxed out. That includes Bioshock Infinite which was a fantastic game.

Have fun and good luck!

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One of my requirements during motherboard selection was that it have good digital audio out.  I had two other models I considered besides the one I chose. this insane Gigabyte model, which outputs digital audio via optical, coaxial and HDMI in stereo or multichannel, at a variety of bitrates.  The other was an MSI? which I can't find right now.  It was $100 cheaper than the Asus I went with, and had both optical and coaxial outputs.  I passed on it because the reviews said it was really bitchy about memory.  It didn't like 8GB sticks at all.  The Asus is part of the "armored" series and is built like a tank.  That has been reassuring during the chip installation and mounting of the CPU cooler.  


Now I'm watching this video:

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After considerably research, I have decided to go with a "positive pressure" system, so I'm going to have more fans blowing in than exhausting.  I did the Head Case thing and ordered seven more fans, in 120mm, 140mm and 180mm sizes.  They won't be here until next week, so I've finished a temporary build with the 3 fans that came with the case and one on the GPU cooler.


Crappy photos to follow:





Yes, the GPU cool is a little bit cockeyed.  I fiddled with it until I concluded that "better is the enemy of good" and I should stop futzing around.  The wiring is very messy and quite temporary.  I'll do a proper wiring job when I've installed the pile of fans I ordered.  


I have yet to power on the system.  I'm pausing to make dinner right now and I, uh, need to find my Winders 8 install media.

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That mobo is nuts... I like it!!  :)


I did something similar today but not as high end.  i5-4430 processor, 16gb ram, 120gb SSD and HD7770.  I reused my old Antek case which was not fun since it has the same layout as above but the power leads were all too short.  Had to extent the AUX procesor power lead about 10" to get over the back of the chassis.   Ohh and the case had no provisions for 2.5" HDD's so I just used some foam to wedge it in between the two older HDD's...  :) 


The real reason I upgraded was the new Dell U2713HM though... 

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Congrats on the new build - I have the previous generation Sabertooth board haven't had any issues with it.  I went with one of Corsair's Obsidian line of cases, best decision I made for the whole build as it's very very quiet.  Doing normal tasks I barely even know it's on.

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Things have been progressing well this evening (knock on wood.)  Maybe it's because it has such a bad rap and I was expecting the worst, but thus far I don't hate Windows 8.  It's certainly weird, and it will never replace what MacOS does in my life.  As the front end of a Wintendo, it's fine.  With the three stock case fans as well as the CPU and GPU fans, it's still pretty quiet.  This Fractal case is beefy and seems to keep a fair amount of the noise inside.  


I had to hit Windows with hammer in order to get it to do a clean install, but that ended up being relatively painless. 


Right now I am installing a few games on Steam, to see how they run.  I have to sort out getting Windows to like my USB audio interface, so I can get the mic working and yell at Colin use in-game chat.

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