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Was this mix also released on CD?

The CDs in the box set are the remix. The original mix can be found on the first and second Japan pressing CDs. And the first pressing USA CD. All them use the same mastering and don't sound good compared to the vinyl in this box.

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Discovered an awesome record store about 3 minutes from my gf's apartment this weekend.

Madison Ave just east of Des Plaines? Nice store, they're new-ish, I hope they stay in business!

There's a couple of used and new CD and vinyl places around the area.

You might want to wander over to Oak Park ave just south of I290 for used CDs and Oak Park Ave just south of Lake, can't recall the names but I can figure it out if you're interested. Also, there's Valhalla's Records on South Blvd just east of Oak Park ave. Sorry so imprecise, I'm firing this off on my BB in the gym and can't look it up right now.

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No updates by me in a while, but the vinyl has been flowing in by the pant load. The spare room and garage are over flowing with vinyl postal mailers. TBH vinyl has been way more fun than any gear that has come and gone. I thought I'd post about one of my personal holy grail quest items- a UK first pressing of Hendrix Electric Ladyland. A quiet playing copy is pretty hard to find and I know my friend has paid $1000 for his near mint copy. Pretty pleased that I got one for 1/10 that. example of what the Track Records label looked like


nude cover (nsfw) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/06/Electric_ladyland_nude_front_and_back.jpg

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