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Bookshelf speakers around $3500


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I’ve just finished building an EUVL F5X amp and now I’m after a decent set of speakers for $3500 which is pretty much my limit.

The amp is rated around 50 watt stereo in 8 ohms.

Short listed these after a couple of days searching and racking my brain...


Reference 3A MM De Capo BE

Proac Response 2

Usher Tiny Dancer BE 718


I owned a pair of Reference 3A royal master controls around 16 years ago, I loved them with a SET 300b amp at the time.

Proac and Usher I have no experience, just read some favourable reviews.

Maybe the Usher is a bit power hungry.. I dunno.


Any help appreciated.






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I used to own the Ref 3A Royal Masters as well, they did very well with some Wright 2A3 mono's I used to own.


I'd also recommend looking at Silverlines.  The newest version of the SR-17 is much higher than you're looking to spend, but the previous rev's can be had for that amount or less, if you can find them used.....

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