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That Shumpert shot at the end was a little too close for comfort! I was sure it was going in.


Very happy to get the win in game 1. That was and A-/B+ game from the King and we survived. It is a catastrophe for the Cavs to come this close to stealing a game in Oakland only to fall short.


I really hope Kyrie is okay. That was the best defensive game he has probably ever played. What a block on Curry right at the end. You never want to see anyone get injured, doubly so for a high character guy like Kyrie.

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Thanks, Bryan. You've seen what a biyatch I am about my Cleveland sports!


What a heart break for Cleveland! And for Kyrie ... I hate terrible fluke injuries for anyone, but especially for a nice guy like him.


And what a loss for all basketball fans. This was going to be a great series. Game 1 showed us that- what a great game!  Now it'll be either an easy Warriors win; or, if Cleveland has any chance at all, it'll be another physical, grind it out series like it was against Da Bulls. And even though I was happy to win that, it was not fun basketball to watch .

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It is just crazy that we are one play away from each team being up 2-0 or down 0-2.


It has been a great first two games. Anyone who thought LeBron was just going to lay down was dead wrong. If the Cavs keep playing D like they have then there is hope for them.


Now, if GSW could just get our offense on track we'd blow these guys out :)

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I am drained.


Feeling oddly good about game 4 though.


Feels like the D.Lee p'n'r really started opening things up for us there at the end. In a post-season full of unlikely heroes, D.Lee saving the season would be right up there with what Delly is giving the Cavs.


EDIT: D.Lee +17

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James and Dellavadova have taken the fuck over this game in the final 5 minutes. Just insane.

For brother John... Just this one time, I am rooting for the Cavs. They are overcoming so much here.

Glad to have you on board, bro'! Definitely an honor! It's interesting how a fair number of people are turning around on hating Lebron because of this series. 


This is what his spastic but effective style, plus Aussie heritage, reminded me of last night




Really funny, and really true! Delly did this against Rose and the Bulls, but that one was way ugly and not fun to watch. This one is great, because the Warriors can fight back with finesse and skill. Delly was accused of being dirty against the Bulls, and maybe there was an element of that. But I always felt he was just an intense, all out hustler who bugged the opposing team so much that they lost from exhaustion and anger. He wouldn't try to hurt you intentionally, but if your knees got in the way of him getting that loose ball, well you better get your knees the fuck out of the way! So this series, he's being hailed as a hero instead of being dirty, but he looks the same to me.


I've read in the Cleveland sports forums that Kyrie used to HATE him when he first joined the team. He went all out like this in practice every second of every day, and just pissed Kyrie off to no end! Kyrie was the star, and here's this rookie punk, in his jock strap, constantly pestering him, even during casual practices! It took him a year or so to learn to deal with it, and in the end, he said it improved him so much. And now he's just thrilled that it's his opponents who have to deal with him!


Funny ... that reads a lot like The Onion. And makes me think of the Monty Python limbless Black knight. I only hope Delly isn't completely incapacitated before the end of this series! i don't know how he and Lebron can keep up this pace for a whole series! Maybe (hopefully) The Warriors are getting exhausted, too. 



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TMoney: Lee definitely was an unexpected boost; Cavs were not prepared for that. Hoping/expecting Coach Blatt to make adjustments on how to defend that. And then Kerr to expect the adjustment and adjust back. The coaching has been an interesting chess match! 

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