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Anyone come across The Beast of Turn. A 1911 Fiat S76. 110 years ago it held the land speed record at 185 mph. over 28 liter engine, four cylinders each one more than 7 litres.

The guy that restored it bough the only two that were ever made, in rusted out total basket cases. He then spent ten years making a complete car, totally original in all respects. Watch the flames from the exhaust.


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I've seen it on some show or youtube video but never in person.  What amazing machines we build back in the day!  In many regards the technology created so many decades ago has not evolved all that much when you look at some of the high end vehicles of the day...


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I prefer the fifth generation, but the curves on the first generations were killer.

I didn't like the ergonomic issues I've heard about with the early Vipers though (lack of footroom, leg-burning exhaust, interior build quality).

The Viper ACR still beats the Corvette ZR1 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife with an unofficial record of 7:01.67 (the Corvette ZR1 did 7:04 and the new C8 did 7:29.9).


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My poor old 2017 Tiguan got hit at night in a hit and run a few weeks ago. It creased the fillets and crushed chunks into the “character lines.” I finally got high enough up on the food chain to get the fix that should have been done to begin with started. 

During the first work they had me in an Atlas. Huge, but really a joy to drive, once you got used to how big it is (and you learn to avoid the circumstances where lane assist tries to kill you). Once I move I might get one, since whatever you call the son of your partner is gonna need soccer shit ferried back and forth, or whatever (he should be my “step son,” by then, but North Carolina courts don’t give a shit about putting a final imprimatur on divorce papers).

This time they have me in a 2020 Sportsline 530. I’ve never driven a more underpowered barge with “sport” in the name. It’s also so complicated to run in the cabin that I wish I were dealing with somebody else's regular expressions in Perl. There is a reason I bought a 2017 Tiguan instead of the 2018 when I traded in sporty for practical  

At least it’s pretty. 


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