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Heard a lot of good things about these guys.




Can't really fault SVS though -- I have two of their cylinder subs (which I foolishly thought would be less conspicuous than the boxes, and then they turned out to be the size of fucking oil drums) and objectively way too much bass. Which is kinda fun.

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Did a sub-off at the office. My SVS SB-2000 (699€) vs Dynaudio BM9S II (990€) which my boss bought together with his BM5 monitors. Long story short, the BM9S is going back to Thomann.de.


Tim was going to get me an SVS SB-2000 for Christmas.  I've thought about buying one for myself but it might make me sad.  


I have a hard time imagining this thing making anyone sad. 



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Naaman: I like those plate amps, but I have a tapped horn and not sure if they would interfere with operation, so I would consider a bussel or completely separate enclosure. Ever seen a separate enclosure?

Don't think it would be a problem, simple box for mounting the amp with wires to your sub. The amp isn't sealed, so if built into a sub it needs to be in it's own sealed enclosure anyway. 

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I think it's better to just get the connectors on either end of a box. I suppose it's easy to buy the components separately and find a nice Hammond case to use. I think this is a nice project for a rainy day.

Any experience controlling these via a digital output and then routing signal to the other full range speakers via an analogue output? I would have to do something like this as well.

Hm. Gets one thinking.

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