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goldenreference low voltage power supply

kevin gilmore

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The cap value is right on the board... 0.022uf, or 22nf... this is for the diode bridge replacement board. 1 cap, small.

The values you have listed suggest you think this is the PSU board itself.

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1 hour ago, Skooby said:

If use GR for Carbon with 15VDC out, what's the best/optimal AC in (minimize heat/voltage drop)?  I currently have 25VAC source but that will be too much heat dissipation to drop to 15VDC?  

That will work fine. You may have to add small heat sinks to the pass transistors. 

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On 1/29/2016 at 0:25 PM, Pars said:

I had mentioned using Schottky rectifiers for this. I think I am going to have a few of these made:


These are setup to take either a D201 axial diode (31DQ10 or equivalent), or also accept a TO220 package like an MUR820. I know the TO220s should probably be oriented 90 degrees from how I have them for airflow, but my intent was the axial Schottky diodes on these.

I home-etched a pair of these and used them in my original Dynalo (headamp board). I used some Mill-Max right angle pins on those (3301-2-14-21-00-00-08-0), and plugged them right into the RS402 bridge holes on the PCB. If anyone with appropriate facilities wanted to compare these noise-wise to the packaged rectifiers, I could send them a pair to test.


EDIT: Added John Swenson snubber across AC primary

I had a few of these run by SeeedStudio... I think they turned out well. I even had 8 31DQ10s left over, and a couple of the pins. I'll need to get some part orders in, and don't have my GRLV nearly ready yet. I did have to flip two of the 10 ohm resistors on the GRLV to the bottom for these to fit, but I'm satisfied.



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On ‎2016‎年‎2‎月‎28‎日 at 9:57 PM, kevin gilmore said:

pre-reg driver on the uber2 output board

Lol, I type the wrong words above, almost forget to revist here. Truly sorry...

Here's my question, If I wanna a build a linear PSU, like a 350w linear PSU, with golden reference and a 350w tranny (maybe a 350w tranny ain't big enough?), and I only need the +30v, what should I do? I know the -30V output can be ignored (if I only need the +30v), but this makes the components of the -30V wasted. The original ucc has the +voltage version.

Does the pre-reg stage also should be slightly modified in this case?

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8 minutes ago, kevin gilmore said:

goldenreference is only good for about 1.5 amps

when you need a lot more than that, you have to add an extra set of pass transistors. like the ones on the uber2amp board. And they have to be mounted to a large heatsink

Does that still apply if the pass transistors on the GRLV are mount onto a proper heatsink?

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Can the R7, R8, R9, R10 resistors be changed to get a specific output voltage or is it only advisable to change R8 and R9?  Trying to work around out of stock (or not available) resistor values at Mouser...

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Looking for anyone who could part (for a price) with a pair of separate plus minus GR-LV boards. It would help clean up the packaging on the KGSSHV-Carbon I'm slowly putting together. The bipolar boards I have are a wee bit too big for the space allocated. 





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I've started on that. I've got a spice model I can you you're interested.

Cool, I would be glad to start the layout. I have a specific width in mind though, and would not have the rectifiers or bulk capacitance on the board, so we might have slightly different use cases. That being said, sure, I would love the models (and any answers you have arrived at)

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