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Mr Speakers Aeon


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They are not bad and well priced.  I heard the closed version before and the weakness is rather boxy soundstage but over all a good sounding closed headphone.  For the price, it is a good buy.  I believe he is working on the open version of these.

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15 hours ago, jp11801 said:

I thought they were good but not that good but heck what do I know 

I think we both value other things such as sense of space and imaging just as much as tonal balanced.  Still for the price it is a good buy.  

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I love mine. Don't know about the earlier pre-production models but the one I have exhibits only a slight "closed chamber" soundstage, what I mean by that is that you will immediately notice you're listening to a closed headphone if you came from living with a great open one like I did, or you compare side by side. It is, imho, not distracting once you get used to it. That is a huge praise for a closed can, as I've never heard one I even really liked before. 

But just like Tyll put it, with the foam inserts these are darn well balanced with controlled bass and no immediate annoyances anywhere even as you go up in the treble. Just a very nice, "right" sounding headphone that also happens to be really solid and lighweight. 

It doesn't resolve quite like my STAX but because it isolates well, it brings out details in low-level ambient noise that would easily be obscured with the STAX. It's nice to sit on the balcony in the summer and get some sweet tunes. 

Not that we get much of summer in Sweden... 




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On 7/3/2017 at 4:23 PM, purk said:

I heard both Aeon closed and prototype open today.  The closed is really a nice sounding headphones beside its rather limited sense of soundstage.  The open is still in a work in progress but is very promising.

whoa cool, do you have any more information? 
(ex. is it still in early stages of development or close to being done? how does it look like / does it keep the
teardrop shape but just that a grill replaces the carbon fiber section?)
Did you just visit their factory to try them? I'd love to go hear them myself.

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Just got done demoing a pair of these (hf thread) from ttvj. From everything I had read, I thought these would be my perfect cans. I have to say I was disappointed in the bass response of these. I compared them throughout with my modded T50RPs, and in most cases the T50s won in terms of enjoyment, even for classical (Shostakovich, Mahler). The T50s have some midbass coloration that the Aeons don't (seemed pretty flat to me), but I had a really hard time engaging with the Aeons. The T50s bass also goes deeper.

I also just got my set of the Massdrop Hifiman HE4XXs, and I do like these. Beth won't like them (open) :)


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Just posted my review, part of the loaner agreement, over there. No death threats yet, and Jude hasn't pulled it. Maybe Dan is behind on is HF protection payments :)

At any rate, I called em how I saw heard em. I really really wanted to like these...

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