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It's here!  The color of the hands can look wildly different depending on lighting, from brown to dark grey to dark blue to light blue. The dial is also sometimes white and sometimes creme colored.  I'd bought the brown Omega strap and Omega deployant clasp last year, in the hopes that I'd have a watch to put it on (was going to try it on my Moonwatch).

Here's pics wearing the new watch on bracelet and leather strap.  I kinda prefer the leather.  In the sunlight the watch is simply stunning, and the applied blue metal Omega logo and text really stands out too.





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17 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

That is a very well-done dial, although it may have a touch too much texture for me. 

I think they did well with the fine-textured clou de paris dial, more so than some watches that have a more coarse block texture (although the AP RO ultra-thin blue dial stops my heart, in looks and price).

I like this Omega more than the PP and VC watches I tried on, as it doesn't seem too dressy for a solid gold watch and I could wear it with jeans if I wanted to.  My Aqua Terra 2503.33 isn't really a dress watch, but my incoming NOMOS Orion Midnight Limited Ed might fill that role as well as the Tresor, although not as elegant looking (nor as costly).

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I've decided that I have an addiction that needs intervention.  I've been VERY busy this past year too, with 18 new respectable watches in the past 15 months, possibly doubling the number of watches that I own:

Rolex Polar 216570 new Thanksgiving 2014
Victorinox Dive Master 500 red dial automatic new Dec 2014
Omega Ti SMP chronograph used Feb 2015

Omega Ti PO 8500 Liquid Metal new March 2015
Omega Seamaster Pro ceramic chrono new May 2015
Rolex Polar Explorer II 16570 used April 2015
Rolex GMT II BLNR new June 2015
Omega SMP 2541.80 used August 2015 (gift for son along with a Luminox blue sunburst dial on leather)

Omega GSOTM new Sept 2015
Seiko Astron GPS Solar chronograph new Sept 2015
Tudor Black Bay Red new October 2015
Omega SMP 2541.80 used Dec 2015 for me
Omega Aqua Terra 2503.33 used Feb 2016
Omega PO 2500 Liquid Metal Limited Ed used Feb 2016
Rolex black Explorer II 16750 used Feb 2016
NOMOS Orion Midnight LE pre-order coming this month
Secret watch ordered 4 weeks ago coming this week, to be revealed soon...

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