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New Portable USB DAC/Amp to preview at Maryland Meet


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I vote no on PicoDac or whatever. It makes it sound DIY and second-tier and you know how image and buzzword conscious they are >.<

Euphoria? I do think it'd be funny to see people talking about how they bought their euphoria from Justin. Besides, how could anyone choose something other than euphoria in a poll on which is best.

It's better to choose a name that is just easy to remember and evokes some sort of marketable image that people like to propogate.

Actually, I'm a big fan of Justine RPG-7 and Mindslaughterer X-6000. I think Skullrapist or Aquarius is OK too.

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I'm still liking pico or picoAmp or nanoAmp, I completely disagree with the DIY slant -- I don't hear it. But even so, considering Justin's roots, I don't see it as a dealkiller.

How about Amplette or Ampette? Or if you want to give it a Russian slant, amprushka or ampichka.

Or how about just David, has that been offered up yet?

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I had a chance to hear the Pico prototype at the Boston Meet yesterday. I was listening via HD650s to a mix of Eric Clapton and some Floyd and I have to say if I wasn't staring at the little marvel I would have sworn I was listening to a full sized rig. This setup had power in spades and fed by Justin's Mac laptop sounded fantastic. Great detail everywhere and plenty of, well, everything.

In full disclosure I'm not the world's most picky or particular listener and more than anything what I strive to find in a rig is something that when I turn it on it goes away and lets me enjoy whatever I'm listening to. Justin's amp had me tapping my toe the entire time I listened. I think the ultimate compliment that I can pay any piece of commercial gear as a DIY'er is to say that I'd buy it, and in this case that's certainly true. Seeing the craftsmanship, attention to every detail, and overall passion that Justin put into this thing it's pretty clear that anything I would attempt would pretty much pale in comparison. I expect this will be a big hit for him.

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