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New Portable USB DAC/Amp to preview at Maryland Meet


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now with leather case...copied from HF thread:

I didn't intend to announce this until all Pico Slims had shipped, but as communication could become more difficult in the future, here it is. When I had the custom leather case made for the Pico Slim, I also had one made for the regular Pico Amp/DAC/DAC-Amp.

They have been sitting here for months so might as well post about it now...



A lot better than the leather bag that comes with the Pico. That leather bag will continue to be included with the Pico, this case will be an extra item


$15 shipped in USA

$18 shipped International

Will post an order link another day. These will be packed/shipped by a third party ONCE PER WEEK.

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I might have to get me one of those. I usually use the leather bag the Pico shipped with, it goes in the bag while in transit and then sits on top of it on my desk while it's in use so this would seem to function a bit better for my use.

Edit: While the case is really nice I have to admit it was a wee bit of a let down after seeing the thread title/author then realizing this was the old Pico thread.

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Got my thong today! Very attractive, very functional. I've long wished for a case I could just leave my Pico in and not have to remove to use and cover again for storage, and this is it. Not seen in the pics above- very nice custom 'Pico' logo on the opposite side from the 'Headamp' logo. Well worth the price!

Nicely done. Thanks, Justin!

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