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What are you EATING right now?


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  1. engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent.
    "a hedonistic existence of drink, drugs, and parties"

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    The definition of hedonistic could pretty much interchange with the definition of gay, so yeah, seriously

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So, we follow a show on PBS called "A Chef's Life." It's about a woman and her husband who run two restaurants in Kinston, N.C. Last night we visited their oyster bar, The Boiler Room.

First up, the gentleman pictured is shucking my fresh oysters.


Said oysters


There were two more oyster dishes were consumed. Their take on a Rockefeller and a spicy offering where the oyster is served on a pork rind with a hot sauce and slice of jalapeño. No pics as they disappeared too quickly. Sorry. They were delicious.

We also had a roasted corn, tomato and kale salad. Very clean and refreshing.


On to burgers. Debbie had a veggie Butterbean burger. Mine was a surf & turf burger with popcorn oysters and a jalapeño mayo. Seen below.


With that, a tip of the hat to Hot Doug, an order of beef fat fries. Not duck. What looks like cheese on these is actually powdered beef tallow. They explained it keeps down the greasiness.


All was excellent. Also not pictured is Debbie's bread pudding. Also awesome and can be seen on Facebook.

Tonight, their main restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer.

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