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Sony MDR-R10 Repair - Back From The Dead


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APureSound received a damaged Sony 10 headphone, but this story is just the beginning.

Let me just say a company most everyone knows made a HUGE f-up tried to hide it lying to the customer ect. Well worth the read. I would just post here, but too much effort redoing everything.

Click on the image below to read more!


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How did they not notice the polarity being reversed after they "fixed" them?

They probably didn't bother checking to see if they actually "fixed" them.

Sort of like the problem I had with my old iPod - I had to send it into repair (to the wonderful BestBuy repair folks) since it suddenly stopped holding charge. They replaced the battery, considered it "fixed" without checking to see if the battery was the problem (it wasn't).

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Part of the return policy: "Customer assumes all risks for any custom modifications to any product sent to us for modification."

Which means: "If we fuck up your phones, too bad, you shouldn't have trusted us with them in the first place!"

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Absolutely outrageous. Said company should be exposed and have their name dragged through the mud, several times - but, not by Alex. His good name doesn't deserve to appear in the same thread as these over-shaved gorillas :)

I must also say that the awful Jena labs cables on the R10 is one of the worst aesthetic tragedies I've ever witnessed. Anyone willing to do that to an R10 doesn't deserve to touch one. Alex's cable, on the other hand, looks very nice - clean & sleek :)

Besides all the bad stuff, I'm really glad to see this R10 was brought back up to spec! There are few of these truly wonderful headphones, and they all should be enjoyed thoroughly.

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Alex, you should add a Digg link for that story.

How would I go about doing this?

There's a link at JenaLabs (below) talking about their R10 mod and they implicate another modder for poor wiring methods. Does anyone know who this other modder was?


That would be SinglePower.

You won't even believe the fact that the owner of the R10 headphones actually got a 5 page letter from JenaLabs as to why he will not be getting his money back. In short is is really pissed and will be posting on Head-Fi himself. Get ready for that thread... :dance:


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