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Head-Case Fantasy Football


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I started off the season with a worse record than the Texans (1-4).  Somehow my crappy team still managed to make it into third place with a record of 7-5-1, even with that damn tie against Bryan in week 7!  It helped that Brady started playing football at some point in the season. Oh, any thanks to Alshon Jefferey this week.   :D

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I was busy at work, then had the last band rehearsal before our big concert next week. I had my app up to set my lineups, but didn't finish it. I didn't know Welker was hurt. I played him, in all 3 leagues I'm in. I was up 21 in league 1. :(


So not much changed this year? Good thing I sat it out :)


For next year maybe:


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Thanks for another good year of football guys. Brees carried me to a win over Raffy to claim the 10-team league championship, but I have to thank Jamaal Charles once more for getting me to that matchup in the first place.


Brent won the title in the 8-team league over Frank. Nice job Peyton Manning! ;)

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