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The Headcase Stax thread


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It's also much more spacious: I was really listening through a piece of shit, earlier.

Ahem, please be careful and refrain from calling something a piece of shit unless it's absolutely unarguably true, such as when SinglePower is involved.

Someone could say that about the 717, too. And 727, 007tII...

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Is this thread dead or what? Where are all the stat fanatics? :)

I just came across this page (I don't know if it was already linked before):

[ コンデンサヘッドフォン自作プロジェクト ]

Can somebody translate whether the guy managed to make the SR-Omega driver or failed? The google translate is messy as usual.

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He starts out by saying he's encountered breaky Omegas and non-breaky Omegas, as his main Omega's gone through many breakings while his sub has yet to fail.

Anyway, the sound...

Good high end, resolution below Omega, low end a little loose, good attack at low volumes, lower peak volume than expected

He likened the sound to "a Lambda that hadn't been used for two years" and said that the mafia (okay he didn't say that) should understand what he means by that.

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He used Quad ESL57 parts so for the tweeter that would mean 3.5um Mylar-C, quite a bit thicker then the 1.5um stuff used in the original Omega.

As for copying the orignal Omega drivers, I believe that was my comment. Some of the older He phones borrowed heavily from the SR-Omega in terms of stator design but he always used velour earpads so it can't have sounded good.

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Just got the PS Audio newsletter and it had a large picture of a SR-202 with this next to it:

I just returned from visiting the Tokyo High-End show and one of the highlights was meeting the owner and founder of Stax headphones in Japan, 84 year old Naotake Hayashi. After our introduction by my friends Shin and Sada (our distributors in Japan) Mr. Hayashi shook my hand and then gave me a deep bow. I didn’t respond with a return bow (hey! I am an ignorant westerner) and Sada kicked me and pointed for me to bow as well (which I quickly did). Good to have friends!

What a cool guy Mr. Hayashi is and I happen to be one of his biggest fans. I just LOVE Stax headphones. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Stax, they make a series of open-frame electrostatic headphones that sound unbelievable. They are expensive, a bit cumbersome, but man alive - just listening to music through them puts you on cloud nine. What an honor! I don’t know if these are even being brought into the States anymore, but if you ever have a chance to listen, grab it.

Nice story. :)
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