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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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Well there are some small issues.  The KGSSHV logo is in the wrong spot so the screw is where the lower part of the K should be, one line is missing from the volume control bar and on the back the amp, the lines around the input section intersect with the screws a bit.  I'll make another one though which will have this stuff fixed as this one has already found a home.  I might get one of my Blue Hawaii's back then... 


Ordered some resin impregnated and fully shielded transformers so we'll see how that turns out.  Ca. 110VA so plenty of current on tap. 

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 What I'm really looking forward to is another one of these chassis that I have here.  The reason is simple, the sinks on that one are huge so hello MOAR current.  :)  Even though the HV circuit is extremely linear with regards to output stage bias it doesn't hurt to run it far harder. 


That may remove some of that high end grain that is evidently very clear with the 007Mk1... 

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Yes good work Birgir a great idea to do the small alternative.  Since I posted here in late 2012 I have had a "year of the Stax" and would like to feed back what I have built. First KGSShv (an on-board) powered a pair of SR-507 I had.  I have since designed and built a more compact off-board.  Several enthusiasts were interested so I intended to build them the same to simplify the design effort.  They were to be black cases with silver knobs and the controls operating the pot and switch at the back.

However people have their own wants so I ended up customising the original to build several versions.   The most radical mods were an all silver amplifier with polished front panel and top, with a different layout of a large centrally mounted attenuator, and a rather subtle look.

The third request was for a modified “standard” design with two Stax sockets and if possible the large attenuator, which was squeezed in.

I have done another design for a more compact “Cube” and then I will have done all I can think of for now at least.

We rate the A_D 41 step attenuator as a worthy companion to Dr Gilmore’s circuit – only time will tell if it proves reliable but it seems well made. Thank you to Justin and Birgir along the way and the advice from Kevin.  Without Kevin Gilmore we’d be nowhere.






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Great work Spritzer - really like the compact design



Speaking of offboards...  As some of you might have spotted, I quite like to push the envelope in making smaller and smaller amps.   Going with what Kerry did but in an off the shelf chassis and no SMD parts it is a challenge to shrink something this complicated. 






PSU isn't ready yet but it is version of the BH design so +/-400V max.  That does mean more current though...  :)  The chassis is about 10mm wider than a SRM-727, similar height but much shorter.  Ohh and far more power... 


Also, one should never do the chassis artwork 1 hour after they should have gone to bed... 

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Very nice work hics.

Thank you -   It was a lot of effort but they turned out well.   I know they sound great but I wanted them to look not too DIY as well.


I used the Modushop case for my first ones and it is very easy that way, but for my own design there was no need to go abroad. I live just outside the West Midlands which has a metalworking tradition going back hundreds of years.  It is only a short drive to the suppliers of the heatsinks, aluminium, laser cutting, machining, finishing, printing and engraving.  

Being able to meet and discuss the work, particularly for the finishing has been a great help and much more interesting.

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