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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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One can never have too many transformers...  :)


For the parts hoarding crowd that likes to pretend they will build stuff eventually, is there a spec for this transformer on file with the company and available for order?  Especially since 48x 4686A just arrived and the sumr keep having issues?


Nope, it's a company that only does bulk orders so anything below 800$ FOB carries a hefty penalty. 

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I have 2 offboard amp PCBs that LilKnight sent me.  The problem is that one is Rev 0.4 and the other is 0.6. 


I'm guessing it would be a bad idea to build one channel with 0.4 and the other with 0.6?


Does anyone have a spare single PCB either 0.4 or 0.6?



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Speaking of offboards...  As some of you might have spotted, I quite like to push the envelope in making smaller and smaller amps.   Going with what Kerry did but in an off the shelf chassis and no SMD parts it is a challenge to shrink something this complicated. 






PSU isn't ready yet but it is version of the BH design so +/-400V max.  That does mean more current though...  :)  The chassis is about 10mm wider than a SRM-727, similar height but much shorter.  Ohh and far more power... 


Also, one should never do the chassis artwork 1 hour after they should have gone to bed... 

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They are still being etched for me but it's close to my work and not terribly expensive.  The black panels are just showing the natural aluminum underneath the anodizing but the silver panels are covered in some film and then exposed to the laser.  This leaves the color residue on the panel and a nice textured feel.  I can have this in pretty much any color so I might do a pink one...  ;D




This shows just how tight a fit this is, roughly 180*100mm that's completely unobstructed.  The PSU will have the fets connected to the bottom of the chassis for heatsinking but even so it's 108mm by 80mm.  The area with the caps is a bit smaller so they should meet the 100mm limit.  


I've started to shop around for a transformer so we'll see if anybody is feeling brave and can make a shielded one for me.  :)  I can also fit one of my power boards to the back panel so easy AC wiring. 

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Just think about how much space I would have saved by simply sticking the boards on with some doubler sided tape.  That's NorthWestern engineering style...  ;D


A fully shielded transformer does fit in that space and I'm working on getting a slightly taller one that is less obstructive to internal airflow. 

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