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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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Does anybody think this is a bit too much?  ;D




I was tired of buying transformers piece by piece when most of my other parts are bought it bulk.  Well... I decided to buy some transformers in bulk.  The truly bizarre bit is that this whole lot (about 130kg) was shipped via EMS to me.  :) 


They are [email protected] (50 pieces) and [email protected] (10 units) plus the necessary low voltage stuff. 


Btw.  I stopped selling Alpha pots a while back as my stock was diminished.  Now I've restocked again so feel free to contact me if you need any 50K quad pots. 

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No, Keen Ocean.  Same as the ones used in the Eddie Current crapola.  Typical Chinese OEM, you can get them dirt cheap but once you set strict standards in terms of temp rise etc. then they get a lot more expensive. 


As it stands now I foresee having to build about 10 KGSSHV's to test new parts and just to burn up my own stock of boards.  A SumR transformer would cost about 270$ all inclusive (trafo, shipping and tax/fees top of both) and these are far cheaper plus better made and with higher spec. 

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