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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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...an hour or so later spent wrangling wires it was alive.  :)




I went for orange as the power indicator to try something different... 




No hum noticeable with the headphones but I'll measure it when I get a chance.  Running at 9mA and the sinks get warm but not hot.  Next one will be run harder but the really neat part is that aside from the 2SA1968's everything is in current production. 

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Some comparison shots, remember that the 727 is the exact same size as the 007tA...  ;D


Suck it Stax!!! 


I recall Stax saying that improvements on the current line would mean large heatsinks and that was supposed to increase costs more than the audible benefits. Now you have regulated power supply, more current and more voltage in comparable package. Nice proof of concept. I hope Stax licenses the boards from KG to mass market a similar platform. Do you think EI transformers with same current would fit? Congratulations! 

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