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Since we are talking about DACs, I have been thinking of upgrading the the Pico DAC on my desktop rig (Mac Mini -> Pico DAC -> GS-1. It will need to have a small footprint. I have been going back and forth between the two. Has anyone heard all three? Rega, Neko, Pico? Probably not but I thought I would give it a go.

Edit: Oops, I guess the last post in this thread was in January... maybe I should have posted elsewhere.

Shelly, do you have (or did you have at some point) an Electrocompaniet ECD-1?

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I do still have the ECD-1. The problem is that it is hooked up to the WA5LE and KGSS and is about 10 feet from my desk where I have the GS-1. (I usually don't leave this setup plugged in because of the lightning storms here.)

I think I will do the rational thing and sign up for the loaner program (assuming it is not too late). :)

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Getting USB DAC urges again. Some cool-looking stuff on the way.




(PS: That last one, no idea if they're blowing smoke or not about their unit, but that's a fucking user manual right there. At least 30 pages of measurements and various digressions on audio engineering theory and practice.)

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Is there a rule to which DAC I can share? I'm going to introduce tube DAC out of China from company that made all the gear for a high end German brand. It's the Doge 7 company doesn't over produce they have four items. The DAC is pretty amazing design is superclean and doesn't waste real estate. The builder is a pure analogue engineer so he had to work with a company to do the digital side. There's more to the build then I could share. It's $2k with tubes or you can save and get your own. This is my favorite DAC out of many I have owned. biggest is the Dynamics and fullness that other DACs did not have do side by side comparison. It also has a headphone section. It's not analytical or sterile. You get a warm lively sound with girth. No roll off in the treble. I was worried that it didn't use the latest ess chip but surprised that there is no sheen that many have complained about older ess chips. I choose tube over others because I hear a more natural sound vs what many will call a DAC to digital. In that part I was never bothered by digital going from tapes to cd was a big change in my younger years.  website www.doge.audio



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