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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Faith No More – The Real Thing

A good album, but remastered loud and probably right to the distortion limit. Enjoyable, but pull back on the volume a bit as it is fatiguing with headphones.

Here's a brief discussion of the remasters: https://www.popmatters.com/194715-faith-no-more-the-real-thing-and-angel-dust-reissues-2495516233.html

I also have the Mo-Fi recording of Angel Dust, which sounds excellent.


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18 hours ago, mikeymad said:

worthy album - sorry to hear it was pushed so hot. 

I'm listening to the Pretenders' first album (1979) on CD, apparently pressed in Germany, never remastered (since it was transferred to digital), and it sounds fantastic. You have to turn the volume up a bit more (double the Faith No More album), but it's clean, spacious, and dynamic.

Remasters seem to be doing more harm than good... I'm not sure if the Mo-Fi SACDs of the Pretenders' albums are better (maybe just different) than this old disc.

It's funny that people think the Pretenders are punk... they look punk, but their music sounds like pop to me, with a bit of an edge.

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