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What are you listening to Part the Third


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On 5/14/2024 at 12:12 AM, mikeymad said:

oh the reasons...

Straight To The Heart

Straight To The Heart
by David Sanborn (1984)



In a scary coincidence, after seeing @mikeymad's post here, I spotted a copy of this at my local Goodwill. I had not heard of this particular album before, nor of Sanborn's passing, but thought the confluence too much to pass up on this, so I had to buy it. 

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Not your kids EDM concert - 

Jean-Michel kicking it hard at 75.... 

1. The Opening
2. Epica Oxygene
3. Suite for Flute / Oxygene Pt.2
4. Web Spinner
5. Equinoxe Pt.4
6. Equinoxe Pt.7
7. Falling Down
8. Industrial Revolution Pt.2
9. The Architect
10. Zero Gravity
11. Rendez Vous Pt.2 feat. Brian May
12. New World Symphony Bratislava 2024
13. Last Horizon / Brighton Rock
14. Azimuth
15. Exit feat. Edward Snowden
16. Herbalizer
17. Oxygene Pt.19 (Notre-Dame Rework)
18. Glory
19. Rendez Vous Pt.4
20. Stardust
21. Bratislava Time feat. Brian May


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It took years for David Archuleta to finally come out as gay. When he did, he also announced that he was stepping away from the LDS church.

He said that he didn't hear from his Mother for a few days, and that he thought that she was very upset with him.

After a few more days she called him. She said that she was also stepping away from the church of LDS. She told him that if the church couldn't accept him as he was, she couldn't be a part of the church, and he and she could go to hell together.

So he wrote this song. Great Mom!


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I have been fighting a small cancer since last year and when I finished the chemo, my mom died. She was also battling leukemia for 8 years. She left us happily, without pain and surrounded by her chilcren, brothers and sisters.

Things happen. Excuse me the offtopic guys 

One of hes favorite songs: 





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Thanks guys. Right now I´m fine (or so my bllod marks say) but I´m in a bad  "journey". Sorry for my tear message.

To keep my mind busy, I've been spending time reviewing some recordings, for example "Use Your Ilusion II"

My favorite work by G n´R. With darker/bohemian and more reflective themes.

. Use your illusion II Original record 1991: I think it has a fairly balanced sound, it is the easiest to listen to for a long period of time. It doesn't have any outstanding qualities, but it doesn't suffer from any flaws either. 

. Use your illusion II Mofy: It has a more "pasty" sound, a bit exaggerated bass and midrange, and treble that in comparison is a little muted for my. In some songs this packaging is graceful but sometimes everything sounds very tangled. At the time I spent €200 on this edition. Beyond its aura of exclusive/limited product, I wouldn't spend them today

. Use Your Illusion II Edición Deluxe: A more modern mix, they have removed some noise and improved the stereo effect of the original a bit. The treble is not as high as in the original version. In general they have respected the original recording quite a bit.

I've especially noticed Axl's voice, which is usually quite aggressive at times, and Slash and Izzy's guitars (still present on some songs). For about 30 bucks, the deluxe edition seems like a great purchase to me.


Guns N' Roses – Use Your Illusion II (1997, Gold Disc, CD) - Discogs


Use Your Illusion II: Guns N' Roses: Amazon.es: CD y vinilos}



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On 5/15/2024 at 1:19 AM, Torpedo said:

Brad Mehldau - Après Fauré


Very different from the Bach II. This is a lot more classical-newagey. Not really my thing but very listenable.

As usual it's everywhere and beyond

This - and agreed. And I would not have been sad if he had just released them all on a double album. I find it all works well together for me. But that would be a lot of notes... 


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On 5/18/2024 at 1:09 PM, jose said:

To be fair I wanted to use CD only, but I can add this wonder to the comparison from 1973. 😁

This is the best edition without a doubt but the vinyl depends greatly on the cartridge you use (you know that I'm a lover of the Denon Dl 103 and103R)


As a long term Yes follower I tend to gravitate to other albums for some reason. But then I have to just remember 'Heart of the Sunrise' and I am back to listening to this album. As I just did.

A Roger Dean visual version:


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