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    Spent the evening trying to figure out why my mom's car died in the middle of her driving it. I managed to track it down to the fuel pump, which was so much fun to actually replace, but it got the car running again.
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    Pretty guitar centric stuff, also famous for Frippertronics and the delay heavy genre that's still popular with a lot of my favorite players.
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    I watched it a month ago and thought it was excellent! Ever since I saw her in Southland, I've worshipped the ground that Regina King walks on and this is no exception.
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    YouTube TV shows them as being freely available till the 26th.
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    NOLA Brio Trio set, Mike and I heard these at the Florida Audio show and really liked them. I just picked up a set and am blow away with the tone and timbre of these
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    ESLab ES-1α Measurements: (MiniDSP EARS. 500Hz 84dB normalized. All graphs use 1/12 smoothing.) (Electrostatic Rig #1: Laptop->Soncoz SGD-1->STAX SRM-T1W->MiniDSP EARS Rig #1) *Since I'm using a STAX Tube Amp (SRM-T1W) there may be some low and high frequency falloff in my measurements. Also the Right channel on my MiniDSP ears tends to measure higher bass than the Left channel. Also during measurements, I had difficulty getting the Right channel to seal properly while I had relative ease with measuring the Left channel. ESLab ES-1α (blues) vs STAX SR-507 (reds) <Raw Measurements> \\Solid (Left) vs Light (Right) \\L&R Averaged ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESLab ES-1α (black) vs STAX SR-507 (purple) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Left channel only> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Notice: Electrostatic measurements and headphone measurements are using different rigs) (Electrostatic Rig #1: Laptop->Soncoz SGD-1->STAX SRM-T1W->MiniDSP EARS Rig #1) (Headphone Rig #2: Laptop->Oppo Sonica->Massdrop THX 789->MiniDSP EARS Rig #2) *Rig #1 (Electrostatic Rig) registered less bass due to the different MiniDSP EARS units & also I'm using a STAX Tube amp which may have a sub-bass roll-off. I had difficulty getting the Right channel to seal properly. Left channel seems to be more indicative of the sound I'm hearing and henceforth I will be JUST using Left channel measurements. ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Verum 1 <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> \\ ES-1α (black) vs Verum 1 w/ Default Pads (olive) vs Verum 1 w/ Perforated Pads (brown) ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Hifiman HE-500 w/ Focus A pad & Fuzzor Mod (green) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Audeze LCD-2.2 non-Fazor w/ Dekoni Velour Pads(maroon) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs SendyAudio Aiva (orange) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Focal Elex (lilac) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Beyerdynamic DT1990 w/ Analytical Pads (teal) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs ZMF Aeolus (orange) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Sennheiser HD800S (crimson) <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> ESLab ES-1α (black) vs Sennheiser HD6## <Pur1n's SBAF Compensation. Rig #1 vs Rig #2. Left Only> // ES-1α (black) vs HD600 (brown) vs HD6XX/650 (pink) vs HD58X (red) vs HD660S (green) Longtime lurker here. I converted to the dark side just recently. I hope the measurements are a useful comparison tool for you. My Early Impressions: I feel the ES-1α has very natural bass and mids and that is comparable to DT1990 w/ Analytical Pads, Verum 1, Hifiman HE-500 & Audeze LCD2. There is some brightness in the 1.5kHz region which is more elevated than the Sennheiser HD600 and are also present on the SR-507, SR-007, Focal Elex and SendyAudio Aiva. Upper treble is well extended giving it an airy feel and big soundstage. The uneven treble does make some vocals (particularly female vocals) recessed like in the HD800S, which you may or may not like.
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    It is a very, very long time since I listened to King Crimson, although I did back in the early days (like In the Court of the Crimson King; pass the walking frame). Far too far back to remember who was in the band. I only twigged when I was looking up how old Toyah Wilcox was. I knew she must be getting on, and was gobsmacked how young looking and energetic she is at 62.
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    ^^^ Never knew this existed! Listened to some, which led me to this. There's also a documentary video about it....
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    Yeah, he’s the one who wrote the thing that he was playing that she was dancing to. He’s been active in King Crimson ever since. He’s famous for keeping a stable of very talented and very disciplined musicians together. That’s what makes it so eye-popping—he’s actively encouraging this behavior, and I would even go so far as to say that he seems to be enjoying it.
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    Double surprise - Robert Fripp, her husband playing the guitar, was one of the founders of King Crimson!
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    Blimey - you wouldn't think she was 62!
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    Seems to be working on my phone - https://www.hbo.com/watchmen
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    Shouldn't R1 be between Q1_source and -Vout?
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    They’re pointing everyone to https://www.hbo.com
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    For the non-HBO subscribers... All of HBO’s Watchmen is free to watch this weekend https://www.polygon.com/2020/6/18/21295503/watchmen-hbo-free-streaming-juneteenth-where-to-watch
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    @Hopstretch - one assumes that you already know about Ms. Bridgers' new album? https://pitchfork.com/news/phoebe-bridgers-releases-new-album-punisher-listen/ Unlikely to be uplifting, but that's not always what the Dr. ordered.
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    I have been watching Manny's new series. Maybe I am biased as I know everyone in the videos as clients or friends, but I am super impressed with the concept.
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    Since when is necessary a measuring stick around here? I'll shoot you a message with the dimensions that I need and we can go from there.
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    I dunno where else to post this. I woke up today thinking of this song. Nation of Millions was a huge part of teenage years, particularly this track. I didn't know it at the time, but I was hugely fortunate to go to school during the "golden age" of hip hop. This might come as a shock to some on here, but I'm kind of obsessed with 90s electronic music. /s Tricky's work has always been a mixed bag, but his high points are the stuff of legend. His cover of Black Steel is downright magic. He doesn't improve on the original, but he makes the song completely his own. What a mad idea, a UK hip hop artist (at that moment in time, arguably the most famous one) doing a female vocal hard rock cover of a militant hip hop original. It's brilliant (in both the US and UK sense.) The song and video are 25 years old at this point and could have been recorded yesterday. Cool story bro: in the 90s, when the internet was primarily text based, I had a .plan (I know some HCers remember plan files) that was nothing but the lyrics to the Tricky version of Black Steel. I had it that way for a 2-3 years. I got an email from a college friend of mine whom I had not heard from in years saying "Dude I can't believe your plan is Black Steel. Also, why is it the Tricky version?" The internet was a lot cooler before all the normies got on it.
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    Love the Traeger cutting board Nate! The magnets are a genius touch.
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    Best Coast - Always Tomorrow I’m a big fan of these guys. Love the lo fi, surf pop sound. Pixies vibes.
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