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    Mass suckage Cali peeps! Stay safe and hopefully no larger impact! Me: in the hospital. Beth had her hip replacement surgery this morning and all went well. Resting I her room now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yumi got bored stuck at home after her surgery so....
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    Not to be melodramatic but does anyone else remember a couple of years ago when Tyll was still running the late, lamented Inner Fidelity and wrote that, someday, the really big game changer would be wireless, fuss-free, DSP headphones that were "good enough" for anyone but the most hardcore enthusiasts. Well we're there Hertsens, you magnificent bastard.
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    Driving around, last night I managed to find a decent signal. Same again today. In daylight, I now understand why. I think I might have found my new temporary office location
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    Power outage camping fridge food leftovers (extra stock to cook it through, temp control is somewhat binary) Hot food under the circumstances is not too shabby. There's even a "Kettle", for tea!
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    Decided to have a little fun this weekend, work on the sign project, and cheer up a coworker who was having a rough time last week. Zero Fox coaster Trash Can trail sign I guess the next logical thing to do is work on a d-_-b coaster, right?
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    Well, by accident I found Head-Case and “The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!” on internet in 2011. Read that thread back and forth several times and I became kind of absorbed by the clone Stax T2. So it’s actually you Craig and Kevin, Birgir, Kerry, INU, et. al. that dragged me into this – I’m very grateful for what you all did to get the DIY T2 possible for armatures like me to build. After managing to build a KGSShv successfully I felt ready for the real thing - DIY T2. Bought boards from Tran and I actually succeeded with this monstrous project and had a working amplifier - at least for a while. Then all kind of problem popped up. Somehow I did fix them but eventually I found it meaningless to continue with that amplifier. Reason for the problems was probably myself (Builder Induced Failure) but it gave me a lot practice. My impression was that the quality of the boards Tran sent me was a the lower end. So I order five high quality amplifier boards. Desolder all the expensive sands including c3381 and used them on a new board. Believe it or not but it succeeded despite reused sands - no popping up failures. Then I started to make some modifications (don’t ask me why – just a bad habit) most of them worked. As I thought I needed an unmodified as reference I built the third T2. Now it felt like - just put the right component in the right position, power on, adjust batteries and you are set. But of course I started to fiddle with the new one as well. After a long hike with my wife this summer. 820 km/ 510 miles in 31 days I felt it is most appropriate to have an original DIY T2 again (I still had three amp boards left). That’s why four.
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    #noexcuses Went high brow for the booze cause HC.
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    I ain't your task rabbit. And I don't have the refrigerator space. I'll come over and supervise... Decided to go with Old Forester Mattnog, along with Vieux (old) Agricole Clement rum. Before: After:
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    Thanks, everyone! It was an enjoyable day. I took a 4 day weekend, so I did what I usually do on my birthday: nothing! I had a big deployment last Wednesday, and one of the guys fucked it up Thursday morning, so I spent most of Thursday doubting myself and reconsidering taking any time off, but I figured it out at the end of the day, and my confidence in myself was restored, so I returned to my natural state: giddy with pride and full of myself.
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    Ordered AirPods Pro online at 1:48 pm today, paid $9 for same-day delivery, Postmates courier dropped them at my house at 2:51 pm. I am listening to them now and they are pretty damn good.
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    Endured more power outages, but, thankfully, without a side of u contained wildfire. Noticed that the local cell tower went dark ~4hours after the power, so that's it's battery backup gone, I guess. This morning we went looking for hot Coffee and a 4G signal with internet connectivity (not a given). I am reliably informed that in the first world nations of The East Bay, and The City, they have both and Electricity! We eventually got lucky at our local Solar Powered supermarket to the Bourgeoisie. Power, Speciality Coffee and Queues. Later got an internet connection just in time to intercept the weekly call with my mum. Which was nice. Currently parked on elevated terrain with comms to the outside world, fast charging the nerd phones from the car. Apparently this situation is on again, off again for the next week (and structurally for the next decade if PG&E are to be believed) Fun Times! EDIT: curiously , spam calls, ads and emails are still getting through!
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    Gained access to a decent 3D printer and may be going down a rabbit hole. First project, parts for the Shapeoko to help manage dust. I've already printed the lower section as well and have the brush section arriving from Amazon tomorrow.
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    Django Reinhardt "20 Chansons D´or"
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    DIY system with Omega CAMs:
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    JBL Olympus & JBL horns 537-500
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    KEF R7s, the London skyline, and a metric fucktonne of reflective surfaces.
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    Let us know when they discover the speakers.
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    I haven't tried a new one in a few years but I might pickup a fresh set just to try out. Speaking of the 007's just see what Stax dropped on Youtube...
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    Probably got nuked by Reks. But this thread is so old that I'm not even gay anymore. 😜
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    Paul Allen's Vulcan crew found the Japanese carriers Kaga and Akagi sunk during the Battle of Midway. Cool stuff! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/21/us/battle-of-midway-carriers-ww2.html?searchResultPosition=1