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    Bought the lg 65 oled, will be here next week
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    I got the HV sections and bias up and they work perfectly Here's the board... I've already tested the GRLV boards and they work. I just have to build another set for this supply. The thermals above the IXCY10M90S regulators don't go above 99 deg. F. Very happy with the board so far.
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    Another Grounded Grid lives. Have been listening to it for about a week. Powered by the same GRHV/GRLV PSU I use to power my KGSSHV, Carbon and Blue Hawaii. 400VDC rails and 20mA plate current. Using EH 6CA7 - the true beam tetrode not pentode. Runs much cooler than the Blue Hawaii. A tough job remains to drill the holes on the top plate. This is one fine sounding amp!
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    Well I've reflowed a bunch of joints (probably more than was needed). Since then I haven't had problems with oscillation, excessive offset, etc. The sporadic noise seems to have gone as well, but of course just as I say that it'll come back to spite me. Anyway, thanks for the help. I think I can stop fucking with it and just use it to listen to music.
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    Had a graduation party yesterday for Andrew, a good chunk of the family came. Karen and I had most of it catered, and the result was quite stress-free for us, allowing us to enjoy family. Also found out that my dad - 82 years old - just fully retired this past week from his dentistry practice! My dad and oldest brother Scott, and Andrew & me:
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    Fired up the vinyl rig after two years - damn I forgot just how great vinyl can be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Amidst all the frou frou decorating going on at Rancho Stretcho, some man plans are also being made.
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    Got the LV supplies done now. All good 😊
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    Marched in the Knoxville pride parade with my family and some local libertarians.
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    Hmmm I don't think I removed the loop out on any of ones I've done. Pop the hood and I'd know... In other news, as the SR-Omega owners know all to well...there are no more replacement earpads and the old ones are pretty much awful. Any set with the stock ones will be mimicking a block of wood by now and the replacements Stax used to sell were pretty fucked as they were just wrong. First of all they were black and then the dimensions were also wrong. They are all gone now as well so what to do... Well take a crusty set of earpads and re-engineer some new ones with the company that is making the earpads for my headphone project. Now they are real leather with memory foam. They are also thicker as they are much softer and the opening was made smaller to control the bass issues if the SR-Omega. Now this is the just the first prototype but what an utter fucking pain in the ass to install. I've sourced the pins Stax used and I'll order some new mounting rings for the next batch but yeah, not easy to install. Something I'm not sure can be changed but we'll see. Here they are mounted to the headphones: Yup, the "old" earpads are new old stock but mine won't last forever. Now how does it sound...bloody brilliant and they are so much more comfortable. Some more listening to be done on my part but some of my issues with the SR-Omega have been greatly diminished.
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    Ugliest build.... Aluminum sheets from e-bay.
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    Steak just came off the grill and into the oven (in the cast iron skillet). Shrimp and home-grown asparagus will go on shortly.
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    I published a modification for the Stax SRM-T1/T1S/006 in AudioXpress July 2017, which is just out. The modification adds 5.1 kilohm output safety resistors and cascoded constant current output loads, which with their heatsink fits the space vacated by the plate resistors - see photo. Spritzer did something similar a few years ago with an SRM-007, adding constant current loads, but he also changed to 6S4A outputs. Unlike plate resistors, constant current loads burn up practically no signal current, so while the stock amp burns up 9.2 mA signal current in the plate and feedback resistors at its specified 300 VRMS maximum output, the modified amplifier only uses 2.8 mA driving the feedback resistors, leaving much more current available to drive the headphones. Since the output tubes are much less stressed, distortion is decreased and 2 dB of extra headroom gained. The modified amp circuit is very similar to a KGST or KGDT. This is no accident, as the KGST was designed to be “a Stax SRM-007t with no cost or retail considerations,” and the 007t is a higher power T1. The modification lacks the KGST’s regulated power supply, but larger power supply caps have been fitted. Since the amplifier is fully differential pure class A with current sources or loads at every stage, the current draw is pretty constant, minimizing power supply effects. The modified T1 can drive demanding headphones like the SR-007 Mk I, something that the stock design strains to do. The relatively flabby bass, somewhat dark tonality and soft treble are largely eliminated. Replacing all the old electrolytic power supply caps should also be done as routine maintenance. Parts cost for the modification is about $35, so total parts cost is around $100. With T1 amplifiers going for $400-$700, this is the best bang for the buck, a good starter project for someone wanting to get into electrostatic amp DIY without going to a full build.
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    Went out for a quick spin on the MTB today on the trails behind my house. A neighbor pointed me to a new section, which is a hoot. Good news is that the test of the 1x10 conversion that I had done last week went without a hitch.
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    A great anecdote in the paper about Douglas Bader, the double-amputee English WWII fighter ace.
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    Stopped an idiot redneck from pummeling a rat snake with a tire iron today. I was walking out of the bank when I saw a rat snake moving across the parking lot. Then I noticed from the corner of my eye someone running at me. Upon looking over, I saw a man with a raised tire iron running toward the snake (and myself), I jumped in front of the snake and told the guy it was harmless. To which he replied it was a rattlesnake. I assured him it was a harmless rat snake (not even remotely similar looking to a rattlesnake, other than Grey/Brown markings). Mind you, we were within inches of the snake. When he told me I was wrong, I simply picked up the snake and put it's head near my face, pointed out the lack of a viper shaped head, large fangs, and a tail without any possible resemblance to a rattle. He looked at me as if I were an escaped inmate from an insane asylum, then pointed out that it was still a snake, and "the only good snake was a dead snake". I didn't bother with lecturing him on the benefits of the rat snake, and considered my act of saving the snake a victory. Rat snake... Rattlesnake...
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    I set up a phone interview for a job I badly want, for next Wednesday. University IT director position, 5 minute commute, excellent pay and benefits. and for once it's a job where people on my reference list are known quantities, and respected ones. I applied Tuesday, so it seems that they are moving fairly quickly.
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    Like the fact that I can both not run and not bike on it. Definitely a value multiplier.
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    Some progress. The terrible unbalance was due to an unconnected small tube pin. During the milling process the CNC machine drilled a couple of unauthorized holes which I completely forgot when soldering the board. When corrected the amplifier works. The offset is done by opto servo and it works as supposed. Balance control is also done by servo and I've no trimmer. I've same balance servo here as in my amplifiers with LSK389 input and there it works without any problem. With the tube input you can probably expect more differences between the sides. First tube I tried gave 260 V unbalance (offset worked, so +130V and -130V) and the second tube gave 30V unbalance. The balance servo (in current version) is not capable to make it balanced if the tube isn't enough matched. The input is supplied by +100V/-15 and all components there are surface mounted. Current source is 01N100D/LT1021. GG to the left and tube input GG to the right.
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    Did this today. "Twin holes" along the right side of board - forgot to mirror before drilling the board, but this is a prototype and it will probably blow up anyhow…
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    Fuck it. This. Is. HEAD-CASE! Maxxed out it is.
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    Never mind the wiring rats' nest for now, it's making music! The problem I was having with one channel, worked out to be a cold solder joint on the global NFB resistor network on one tube. Was distorting the voltage (off by 10V) on its pzta56/lsk389 half and throwing the balance and offset WAY off. Once found and corrected, both channels are stable as a rock (while running 30 minutes) without the servo engaged. Under 1 volt balance and offset both channels. First listened with my SR-207 then my SR-009 (with a lousy iPhone 6 Plus as source). Using 2000 vintage SED Winged C EL34s at 20mA. Damn, this amp kicks major ass! Now time to mount the transformers, clean up the wiring and build the umbilical, wire up the bi-color power switch, replace the 12V zeners with 18V ones, get the RK50 somehow mounted in to the case, and button it all up. Will post glamour shots when done. Thank you Kevin for such an incredible 'stat amp. I'm really going to love this over my KGST.
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    Turning an old capacitive terminal keyboard from 1978 into a modern USB keyboard with fully programmable keys. Got it working fine, but had to tear it back down for keycap polishing and a few minor tweaks. Currently reapplying dielectric lube to all the key stems. Need to finish up this project so I get back to testing Circlotron stuff.
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    Got my boards today. Thank You! I have posted pics before but here are some more of my build. I noticed these boards have a 12 V for the filaments. The old board did not have it.
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    Had a brief respite from man's inhumanity to man by taking a walk among the giant Sequoia's in Calaveras Big Tree State Park.
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    So I've installed a 10pf bypass cap. At first the value for offset was way high (like 400V give or take) but after adjusting the batteries it fell back to within normal values. The T2 has been on for at least 5 hours now, and it hasn't misbehaved in that time. I've had to go back and check after hearing some puffs of noise which turned out to be in the recording itself. At the risk of jinxing it, that seems to have worked.
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    this is by far the best of Bill Evans I have ever heard...if you can find this at a decent price don't pause and just grab it!
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    Food Truck Cajun food. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Put on the shim and FSA seatpost. Now this bike rides as nicely as I remember the DeSalvo rolling. Shaved a few ounces off from the tree trunk of the seat post I took off as well. Somehow managed to shave 8 seconds off my PR on my neighborhood climb so those few ounces must have been some really heavy ounces. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just did 5.5 miles in the woods, 500 ft of climbing. Heart rate basically never dropped below 150. Felt like I was going to die most of the ride, but I did it, so next time should be easier. Made a friend
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    It was actually very easy to rebuild the large T2 with the DC/DC converters. Used same daughter board layout as for as for my modified T2, only had to move one hole 50th. I also have plenty of space since I only use one and not three output transistors and I found some nice spots for the daughter boards. One channel has the DC/DC converters and the other the newly made 01N100D/LT1021 boards. Both channels seem to work OK. Below: Daughter boards with LT1021 and 01N100D on heat sink. Boards with DC/DC converters and LT3045. Now it's late, done for today.
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    Today I’ve equipped my modified T2 with the 01N100D/LT1021 current source Kerry has simulated, see previous posts. From beginning it had a straight 10M90S set to 10 mA. When JimL came with the cascaded version I removed the two resistors at 10M90S and added a small board with the DN2540 and corresponding resistors(red circle below). Today I made new daughter boards containing LT1021, 1k resistor and 47pF cheremic capacitor (green circle). Have listen to this for an hour. It works and I’m satisfied. Thanks Kerry for coming up with this. Below solar cell. Only for experimental purpose.
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    A SMD Dynalo. It is a modular double monophonic one, comprises four small PCBs: two for audio and two for the corresponding power supply.
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    Stickered up. Car gained 5hp. Edit: I wanted to do "MWIA Racing: Sleeping with the sponsor" but the kids ask too many darn questions.
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    Agree with you 100% Steve. My favorite snake when I was growing up was a California King Snake. It was the most beautiful and docile snake I ever had the pleasure to interact with. Snakes were the reason I do what I do today. We went kayaking for a few hours this morning on Spruce Creek. Very old south looking black water creek. We then came back home to watch Arsenal beat Chelsea for the FA cup. After that we went and traded in Peters old bike for a new Raleigh for his birthday. All in all a pretty nice day, but my shoulders are already complaining about the kayaking.
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    I just like snakes. Heck, I like all animals. I have had several pet snakes, most of them corn snakes, which are closely related to rat snakes. And I know how docile both snakes are, and the benefits they provide to farmers. Snakes are beautiful creatures IMO. Once you hold a snake and feel that incredible muscle mass, you are immediately fascinated. I doubt that corn snakes are seeking social interaction, I'm imagining it's our warmth that they like, but I know that they'll happily set loosely coiled around my neck for hours, and I love that. I have held tiny baby snakes, and I have helped hold a 22' reticulated python. I've had no fear of either. I have accidentally gotten close to rattlesnakes, luckily not too close. If you respect their space, there's no reason to fear them either. Though I wouldn't try to interact with a poisonous snake. Had I not known my love for woodworking early on, I could see myself in the zoology field.
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    I had an amazing first date. I did blow the entire month's date budget; she is new to the area, and I was showing her around the trendy part of town after drinks, and she said "this place looks good" right before I said "this place is good, but maybe next time." Worth it; the meal was amazing. Also, worth it.
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    New laminate flooring installed at the entrance(s) from the front door and garage as well as the upstairs hallway.
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    Lowered the resistor value at OP27 output. Now both offset and balance are in the mV area. Very happy with the outcome.
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    I built this yesterday. There's some noise that I need to track down, but otherwise it seems to work. The offset adjusts to within a few volts using the balance pot; the offset pot doesn't seem to do much. Offset drifts a bit and I'm not sure I'm adjusting it right. Is there some way to disable the servo?
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    happy it works. now for a version with tubes as the constant current sources And a cherub has just informed me a t8000 is headed my way I like retirement. going to a hamfest tomorrow to see what I can find to update some of my very antique test gear
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    Missed Al's post. If you want to do typing, get the 12" Macbook. Super light and small with a real keyboard plus fast enough for anything I need to do on the road! I use it all the time at work and in coffee shops and never need anything faster. The keyboard takes time getting used to but I actually prefer it now. Ordered a new iMac 27", 4.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB of VRAM, and 512GB SSD (for those times when I need something a bit faster than the Macbook). Also, got the new ipad pro in the mail today. Excited to open it up.
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    88 years is a pretty damn good run. Adam West was one of those dues who became cooler the older he got.
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    Afternoon Tea, in Columbia, CA @ There was Tea Apricot Scone with Strawberry Jam and Cream Sandwiches And to finish, Chocolate Torte Because Joanne got to enjoy some Port Tasting in Murphys, I was allowed some Raspberry Sorbet and Blackcurrant Ice Cream
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    Sous vide poached shrimps
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    Cleveland Dim Sum with the fam
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    Oysters and Fries. Seems legit.
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    I thought it got off to a solid start. Certainly haven't dialed back on the weirdness!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!!!/... Cheers