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    Spent the weekend on the lake! I’m addicted.
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    Not quite yesterday, but last week. What passed for grass in our garden was 50% weeds and infested with ant hills that defied all attempts, chemical, biological and thermal, to kill off. So after three weeks of preparation (painting 35 metres of fence twice, painting walls white, all after digging out 15 metres of Virginia Creeper and ivy) a team of five guys came for four days to fit artificial grass. Cheap it was not, but the effect is so much better that the mess it replaced.
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    Toured Salesforce tower in SF, the 2nd highest building west of the Mississippi. Karl the Fog (yes, it has a name) was out in force but the views were amazing nevertheless.
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    I did my last little bit of cross training for the 100 mile ride I'll be doing next weekend. Here's to hoping the nearly 1,200 miles I've logged this year so far were enough.
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    Needs some artificial weeds!
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    Finally cased my ES CFA amp. Returned the bias resistors to 1M with the larger heatsinks. Running 20mA bias for the output sections.
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    Well... I've been missing having a stick car in the stable. Was planning on purchasing a different car but the order banks for what I want do not open until next year. In the process of punting my Demon (suspension is not to my liking...way to singular in personality...drag suspension and I prefer more of a road race setup), I bought a car yesterday that I have yet to see in person so this should be entertaining. 2012 BMW M3 coupe manual w/ "slick top" and competition package in Interlagos Blue / black leather. It's got some miles on it, but these are getting more difficult to find. V8 motor that spins to 8300 rpm. It's light on torque for what I'm accustomed to, but hopefully I'll leave it alone and not slap a blower on it...LOL. There's actually a nice kit out there. Just something to drive for a while that's more nimble than the Trackhawk. Should look something like this except with the carbon fibre roof and no sunroof...thank goodness. vroom vroom... HS
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    I'm not sure about the choice of finish color, but I do appreciate the extra woofer.
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    Check this video by Haas: You may want a special tapping drill to make thread go deeper in the limited depth of blind hole.
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    I had Indian coffee this morning.
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    Had to roast this morning, I almost ran out of coffee. La Sampadrena from Columbia.
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    This is the least Head Case thing I have ever read.
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    Having lived in Southern California and experienced five major fires, fires where I can actually see the flames on the hillside I can tell you from first hand experience that brush clearing and fire breaks do help in minimizing the fire damage. I can only speak from first hand experience where I have seen the fires burn brush all the way up to the cleared areas and then stop. These observations and opinions are shared by some friends who are LA City and County fire fighters and fire Captains whose job it is to fight these fires. My opinions are based on first hand experience not information gleaned from the internet. There is no need to be rude to Jose or Rob.
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    Went to see Selling Fairfax by the Pound last night (local, awesome Genesis tribute band). Setlist went something like this (from memory, so excuse any inaccuracies, and really doubt the order -- there was an intermission in there somewhere): Eleventh Earl of Mar Dancing with the Moonlit Knight Firth of Fifth some song from the first album something with the lyric baby (Silent Sun, maybe?) Blood on the Rooftops First and Second Homes by the Sea Follow You Follow Me Duke Suite (Behind the Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal) Keep it Dark In Too Deep Entangled Horizons/Supper's Ready Chamber of 32 Doors The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Musical Box (Closing Section) Dance on a Volcano In the Cage Medley instrumental section from Three Sides Live (inc. Cinema Show and Battle of Epping Forest) Afterglow Watcher of the Skies omitted encore: The Knife (!)
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    Not my build - but a great restoration. https://imgur.com/gallery/GxZE9x8?
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    You should probably always fly a kite (with key) whenever outside to be safe.
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    Unless all you have is Kansas and Diana Krall -- and who am I to judge -- that's not particularly random.
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    Unpacking and setting up house music. Loaded up and played on Random... good day Today's load up and Random Now - some Sade...
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    Labor Day Weekend at Carpinteria, CA is an opportunity for some Sigma dp0/2 Quattro panoramas. Forgot how much I disliked the cameras handling and processing, but love the Foveon output. Also an emu at nearby Ostrichland, Fake Denmark, with the dp2Q processed with a Kodak Technical Pan sim in Alien Skin (recently renamed Exposure). Bonus: Hypno-E with a7III & Voigt 40 f/1.2 E and default C1 sim.
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    Jim Hall "Concierto" Jim and I in a masterclass:
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    I knew that she was at the end but damned if she didn't hang on to life and buck the predictions of her impending death years ago. RIP Rhoda. Oh yeah, and fuck cancer!
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    I hate people. I should probably live where there aren’t people.