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    We survived that in the mid 70's, and got to our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday.
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    Eleanor and the kids are away, so I've been building a brutal recording desk. All rough 1x6 lumber, logged and milled here on the farm and exposed to the weather for way too long. When I move it downstairs I'll put the keyboard on a tray under the desktop. I think the monitor risers might be too high but aside from that I'm really happy with how it's turning out.
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    Done! Aside from connecting everything and cleaning up the unholy mess that's all around it and then finally recording some music. The monitor risers are actually at the perfect height.
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    I got routine blood test results. My triglyceride levels were 489 mg/dl, right before I became a vegetarian. Two years later, it's at 160. Still a little higher than I'd like (high triglyceride levels run in the family; for instance, my mother weighs a hundred and twenty pounds and has as pretty low calorie diet, but has a triglyceride level over three hundred, despite statins), but I think that's a pretty darned good result. Everything else in the lipid panel were squarely in the "normal" zone. Fasting blood sugar is under 100 (everybody on both sides of my family over the age of 30 has diabetes except for me and my mother, so I think this is a triumph!), my resting pulse has fallen under 75 (again, still higher than I want, but it was over 100 two years ago). Blood pressure has been good despite reducing the amount of medication I take. I think I'm doing pretty darned well.
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    I think joehpj may have more. That's where I got mine. Mine's up and running and doing long listening tests, finally enjoyable. Details to finish, along with getting the left channel opt servo to work. Sounds glorious. Thanks to Kevin and Spritzer. These electrostatic amps that Kevin designs and Birgir fine tunes are just an incredible learning resource. They are damn near fool proof and bullet proof. And drive my SR-009'with TOTL SQ. Also, kudos to all the experienced members here on Head-Case for the elevated discussion. Now back to my listening. Nanci Griffith is singing to me in my living room.
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    Almost three years later, I'm finally working on this again. This is such an epic project as well...it is certifiable. The front panel is finished and mounted to the top plate. So very busy... Power knob on the left, volume on the right. Four 50K pots in the upper left hand corner to adjust the output stage offset and balance. Two 5K pots in the lower right hand corner with all the test points. Those cost a bloody fortune but were the only ones to fit in those holes. All 10 turn wire wound Bourns pots as well. TKD 4CP601 volume control as it fit the front panel perfectly. Not sure what to do with that gaping hole but might have a MA logo etched onto some plexiglass and illuminate it. Here it is even busier. The amplifier is mostly ready, just need to wire up all the test points and the 5K balance pots. Bias supply for the HE90 socket is in place but how I'm going to mate this to the power supply I just don't know. It has to go on the bottom of the chassis with two fairly large transformers and two PSU boards. It's a little bit like building a ship in a bottle... The PSU is up next so wish me luck.
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    I photograph like an old homeless guy looking for a handout (gray shirt/hands in pockets) I shudder every time I catch a glimpse of me! Since I hit 60, I just don't give a shit?
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    Not so much cooking but homegrown tomatoes and basil with fresh mozzarella
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    No pictures of progress since my focus was otherwise occupied, but I tried my hand a ribs yesterday. Everyone was quite please with the results.
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    I went to the thrift store and there was nothing cool there until I saw this on a bottom shelf... They were asking 20$ with stickers that they were unsure if it worked so perfect for me. This is a PSU for Mackie mixing desks with a super long umbilical cable which I have removed. Heavy fucker too... at least 10kg. Healthy output current so the idea came into my head to use it as a bench supply should it work. After some cleaning it looked ok with no bad caps or any visible damage. Just look at that monster of a transformer. So I turned it on and well it worked so this was next: No current limiting here but hey, this one was cheap so who cares. Also I can test large class A amps with this beast.
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    Bought some boxes and packing tape to start the moving process. Fuck I hate moving but it'll be worth it once I get moved in. Lots of room for HCers!
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    Tomatoes are finally really rolling
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    Beyti kabab... With family
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    At long last, I cased my KGSSHV - my first foray into Kevin's Wonderful World of DIY ES Headphone Amps. Although its glory has been over-shadowed by the HV Carbon and the Grounded Grid alike, the KGSSHV is really a damned fine sounding amp in its own right to my ears especially when set up to run at higher output current. There are many versions of KGSSHV out there starting from the on-board heatsink version that runs around 5mA output current to the later off-board versions. This one runs at a toasty 15mA and raised VAS current and is powered by the same GRHV/GRLV universal PSU I use also for my Carbon, Blue Hawaii and Grounded Grid.
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    Technics 1200GR. Oh my lawdy...
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    On a lighter and less important note: Yesterday I put back together a door frame that had been ripped apart when a visitor of ours tried to close a screen door that was locked open. The day before that I managed to fix the CD drawer on my Linn Classik that has been broken for years. All it was was a simple loose rubber belt internal to the mechanism. Some belt conditioner fixed it right up. Very glad because it seemed to be a custom transport. Yay for working beloved electronics and saving money.
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    These will hit the smoker around 7 tomorrow morning. Which were cut from this.
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    Churrasco. Brazilian bbk. Diaphragm flank steak, known here as entranha, or fraldinha do diafragma.
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    Sweet and spicy flank steak. Quick pic. More red
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    Yesterday I throwed extremely successful launch for new products. Now senior management loves me so much, I can't even take a leave... Oh wait, this is a bad thing... Kidding, they just love me
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    @cetoole was visiting, so we made a slightly absurd amp using parts from the bin. I had originally milled the chassis with the intention of building a 6E5P triode -> 4P1L triode SE; then realized that would be a bit awkward, since the 6E5P is rated for higher dissipation than the 4P1L. I may have also forgotten that 4P1L filaments need power supplies when I bought my power transformer, too, so that was a non-starter. Not wanting to leave two unused holes in the panel, the obvious solution was to throw some 0C3s in. Glow tubes are pretty; it follows that any amp that uses them will sound better than one that does not. A normal person might be tempted to string them in series and use them as a reference for a regulator. Instead, each channel gets its own shunt regulator with a voltage reference made up of a zener stacked on top of the glow tube, and a SiC shunt device. R7 ensures that the tube strikes. And the current source (which is nothing inspired) The regulator terminates into the cathode rather than ground, keeping the cathode regulator out of the output current loop. It also forces the PNP to run at constant current regardless of cathode current, meaning its impedance will also be constant. It sounds like a single ended triode (i.e. terrible). But it was an awfully fun build. Slightly tempted to parafeed or otherwise upgrade the iron. It's surprisingly silent when nothing is playing.
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    I found the perfect ride for @grawk
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    I'm officially old. Building this today kicked my ass.
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    A fantastic weekend for me, 2 nights of celebrations for my 35th High School reunion, capped off by a day at the Lowell Folk Festival today. My friend Christine was able to make both nights, it was great. And in keeping with (maybe not hot, and certainly not lesbian) drunk chicks, one of my old HS friends is basically an alcoholic. And now her humorous cynicism and sarcasm flowed over the edge. And "joking" physical advances were fairly deftly deflected.....
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    Normal cholesterol today! Dropped my total cholesterol from 242 in April to 189 today. Yeah baby! Celebrating with ribs and brisket. [emoji106]
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    Job interview next Wednesday. Good look? That was me from early May. 10 pounds lighter, now, but everything still fits about the same (I guess I've lost 20 pounds in the belly, but gained 10 pounds of muscle in the chest from boxing). I figure a three piece suit, boots, and a knit tie is too much, but It's me: I'm probably too much regardless.
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    Here's a few of the Amplifer Case interior. Signal input is not final. Assembled with a TDK 4CP-2500 volume control from s recent GB. The ALPS RK50 is waiting for me have a machine shop make me an adapter plate (already designed). Wire from the PCBs to the STAX jack is not final (too short). Longer solid silver/gold teflon wire on order. Also, to do: devise a permanent Star/Chassis Ground connection. A better solution is needed, The photo of with the top plate installed is from an earlier trial fitting. Shown with Svetlana Winged C EL-34 (2000 vintage). Even on a short listen, they sounded like "Meh...." Now up and running with a matched quad of JJ 6CA7s. Highly preferred, this amp sings now. Thanks for the tip Whitigir! Also to note, in the umbilical with the heater wires tightly twisted and all the other wires scramble wound, there is zero, zip, nada, NO hum. Deathly quiet.
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    I came to my hometown for 2 days. Family united. They say hello to head-case
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    At The Hand and Flowers in Marlowe (2 Michelin Star) Summer Radish and Haggis Tart with Crispy Lamb, Creamed Horseradish and Lemon Thyme Essex Lamb “Bun” with Sweetbreads and Salsa Verde Blueberry Soufflé with Parma Violet Ice Cream and Verbena Custard Awesome Others around the table had things that looked like this Loin of Cotswold Venison with Black Pudding, Salt Baked Carrot, Keema Pie and Lime Pickle "Fish du Jour" (forget which fish it was) with Butter Roasted Cabbage, Seaweed, Caviar and Toasted Brassica Beurre Blanc Gooseberry and White Chocolate Bavarois with Provence Sponge and Bay Leaf Ice Cream (the thing that looks like Saturn!)
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    Yup, Pretty freakin' awesome up here in Oregon! Just a tiny sliver left here in Eugene and it got pretty dark. Took an hour off from my unpacking duties as everyone in the state stopped and gathered their attention to the heavens. We were one!
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    Beach house Mexico night. Fried Chili Rellenos, Tamales, Tacos, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finished my Dynahi this week, a big thanks to Kevin Gilmore making this project possible. Was a more or less ;-) troublefree build, thanks to this forum i get the needed information, thanks to all. I tried to build the Dynahi in a relative small case so the challenge was to shield the trafos, i used grain-oriented-steel bands around the trafos and top covers also made from grain-oriented-steel, added 70.- usd to the BOM but was well invested, no inducted noise at all :-). The amp is bias to 0.625 v so that the case can handle the heat. Sounds superb as the dynalo. I have a second headphone out on the back, i will use it together with the ifi iesl pro to drive my stax headphones (as my sony vfet via the iesl to drive the electrostats). https://www.head-fi.org/gallery/album/kevin-gilmore-dynahi.1154508/
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    last year was really bad for tomatoes. This year however they are coming out of my ears picture was about 2 weeks ago, now they are coming in faster than we can eat them
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    Hi Al! I'm back in America and back on forum duty. Missed everyone, but mostly you.
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    I must go, my ribeyes need me. Idea is roughly 110 on low/smoke and then reverse sear super hot up to 130. Let's see how it goes.
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    Made a whatever I could find in the pantry curry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok I'm listening to my new "Fat Bottom Girls" I recognize that the sound is much better than the EL34. I had never used 6CA7 before but I'm very surprised.
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    Got half squatted for reps by a hot drunk lesbian personal trainer, then invited two Korean chicks who are on vacation to my apt for a nice homecooked seafood dinner. One even asked for the recipe.
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    Lunch today... Pecan encrusted Red Snapper, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, Buffalo mozzarella w/ balsamic vinaigrette. It was yummy!
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    Snack, Salad, Tartare, Frites, Burger, and Meringue
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    So, after a 6 hour slow cook, decent results for a first try. I had to mess with temp quite a bit, and eventually removed the TTT and continued with just the slow n sear. We also discovered that St. Louis ribs may not have been the best choice. But in the end we had good bark, a decent smoke ring and smoke flavor. Not a bad first outing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Larry Carlton Quartet full concert at the Festival de Jazz de Vitoria, performed on July 12th this year
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    I made the time but my leg of lamb carving skills were wanting.
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    Buddy wanted to listen to some vinyl, so I figured out a way to get the rig set up in a semi reasonable manner. Still need to mess with grounding the table and finish casing the pre, but its quiet and sounding good so eh.
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    En route into the city to have some dinner with Bryan and Jeff. I brought the mini van so you know shit gonna get turnt up.
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    New recipe last week, Crack & Cheese.